Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Get your films into Education

Get your films into Education
In the past Parallel Lines has added new films docs or independent films
to our Documentary & Film Library at www.ForwardInTime.com at the beginning
of the Fall & Spring semesters.

Last Fall we added 9 new titles and then added 6 more for the Spring 2011
semester. We are now however going to add new programs on a bi-monthly
We now have approximately 300 titles in 22 educational categories. To date
we have sold our documentary and independent film titles to more than 900
schools and libraries in the US, Canada, Australia & NZ.

What we believe sets us apart from more traditional documentary
distributors is:
(1) We offer our producers a 40% royalty which is double wh at the vast
majority of distributors offer.
(2) We do not force producers to sign a 2-3 year exclusive agreement. We
are only interested in selling programs to specific markets and allow
producers to opt out in 45 days if they are unhappy with the our marketing
(3) Producers have t he option to supply the DVDs for sale or to have us
handle the duplication and printing for them.

If any producers have documentaries or independent films they believe can
help promote discussion or raise awareness in college classrooms, you can
check out the related categories on our web site and send us a DVD screener
to review.

Thank you.
Stanley Stern
Parallel Lines
5507-10 Nesconset Highway #301 Mount
Sinai NY 11766 info@forwardintime.com

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