Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Evening Post: Micheal Sheen resigns from Swansea Bay Film Festival

The Evening Post published an article after my investigation into the Swansea Bay Film Festival. However it is a most evasive article- never looking at the facts. Shocking really.
It is laughable that Binda Singh is allowed to frame the issues as a simple tale about his Hollywood star being harassed by journos.
Binda is quoted as "It is obvious why Michael Sheen has withdrawn. He is being harassed and asked questions for which he has no answers."

Micheal Sheen is an actor who is vice president of the event. However he is avoiding actually investigating the complaints and make any decision about solving it. Instead he resorts to moaning;
"I am being asked questions almost on a daily basis by journalists about my involvement with the festival and my feelings about the claims being made.
"While I don't wish to be bullied into any particular position by journalists looking for a story, I cannot feel confident about denying the claims that are being made as yet."

Sheen needs to pull his finger out and work out what is going on in his own event.
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