Friday, March 18, 2011

Daily Mail foaming at the mouth over future Banksys

Despite the impact which Banksy has had on the art world, the Daily Mail still foams at the mouth when artists even look at a spray can.
My friend Rocky Lewis from Portsmouth has annoyed the (Hate) Mail today.

Council under fire for providing children with free spray painting lessons
By Daily Mail Reporter
A cash-strapped Tory council has provoked anger after it revealed plans to give children free spray painting lessons.Critics have branded the scheme, run by Havant Borough Council, a waste of money and said it looks 'dangerously close to training young vandals'.

The free two-hour classes will teach youngsters 'spray painting techniques' and allow them to explore 'creative ideas' in group discussions on Hayling Island, Hants
Read more foaming:

Funny thing is..beside the article are adverts for Banksy Prints!

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