Saturday, January 15, 2011

Undercover cop talks to the Mail on Sunday

The cop said: "I want to tell my story and tell how there is a huge mismanagement of staff for the sake of gathering intelligence.

"It has jeopardised my life and it could jeopardise the lives of other officers.

"The extraction policies for taking an undercover officer out of the activist scene after their deployment has finished is appalling. I had no confidence at all that my safety was ever going to be regarded."

Mr Kennedy admitted having two sexual relationships during his undercover work but he said: "I admit that was a wrong thing to do.

"The circumstances I was involved in led to that to happen and I can assure you that I am not the only person who has been involved in sexual relationships as an undercover officer."

He was confronted by some of the activists in September last year after they found documents which revealed his true identity.

Mr Kennedy admitted being a Metropolitan Police officer who had infiltrated their organisations, but says he left the force in 2009.

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