Thursday, January 06, 2011

Remake your fave movie in 60seconds

Jameson and Empire Magazine have clubbed together again to present their
Done in 60 Seconds competition, where filmmakers are asked to re-make their
favourite (or not so favourite) blockbuster movie into a mere minute of
screen time. As you can imagine, there's quite a lot of scope for a fun
weekend shoot with some friends. You can watch last year's winning film

Jameson are not expecting budgeted shorts or glossy production values,
they just want you to have some fun and make something short and

If you've not entered an upload competition before, Jameson and Empire
have come together to offer the Jameson Empire Film Academy " an online
tool featuring helpful tips and video interviews from major movie actors
and directors.

Five shortlisted entries will be judged and announced, winning an
invitation to attend the Jameson Empire Awards in March. One winner (make
it a Shooter!) will be chosen by a panel of established filmmakers and
Empire magazine editor Mark Dinning on the night, and have the opportunity
to meet some top industry talent. It all looks very glam.
To enter, visit

Deadline: 29th January 2011.

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