Wednesday, January 05, 2011

£300k bill for police snooping on protesters

More than 114 campaigners were arrested on Easter Monday 2009, hours before some planned to invade a nottingham power station, immobilise the coal conveyer belts and scale the chimney.The controversial policing operation followed months of surveillance, cost £300,000 and resulted in the largest number of pre-emptive arrests of political activists in the UK. The majority of those arrested were released without charge.

In court the prosecution questioned the course of action proposed by the activists, arguing that direct action planned would "disengage ordinary people" and asking why they had not instead sought to enlist the support of a celebrities such as Cheryl Cole or Sir Paul McCartney.
What a load of bollox!

The Environmental activists were spared jail today after a judge declared they acted with "the highest possible motives".Good to see some common sense prevailing.
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