Saturday, December 25, 2010

The People’s Postcode Lottery Dream Fund

The People’s Postcode Lottery Dream Fund is a new initiative developed
by the People’s Postcode Trust team to give organisations the chance
to deliver the project they have always dreamed of, but never had the
opportunity to bring to life.

In order to meet the challenges facing the charity and voluntary
sector, the fund encourages applications that will address the key
strategic concepts of collaboration of organisations to provide more
efficient services, and the promotion of volunteers.

The Dream Fund will offer £600,000 over two years, with £300,000
available for 2011, and £300,000 for 2012. Registered charities and
community organisations in Scotland can apply for up to £100,000 to
deliver a new and innovative 12-month project. Read the Dream Fund
page to get all of the details.

Small Grants Programme – Applications:

Applications are now open for £2,000 or under. Please download the
appropriate application form in order to apply. Please ensure you have
submitted your form and supporting documents by Wednesday 12th January
2011 in order to be considered in the January decision meeting.
Applications in this rolling monthly programme will not close, but if
you submit your form after the above date, it will not be considered
until the following month’s meeting.

Applications over £2,000 will not be accepted until the next quarterly
funding round, which will open on 10th January 2011. Any applications
for projects over £2,000 received before this date will be returned to

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