Monday, November 08, 2010


Are you under 25 years of age? Have you got something to say about climate change? Tell us how you feel in a one-minute film and you could win £5,000

Youth Vision: A Better World Is Possible
Sponsored by Artists Project Earth

“The imagination is a powerful tool: artists can use it to show others the world as they see it, and bring others into their dream of how the world could be.” – David R Becker
The imagination plays a vital role in shaping our response to climate change. It is imagination that affects the future, for much of what we see today was previously conceived in the human imagination. To paraphrase Einstein, “We cannot solve our problems with the same mindset that created them,” and so it is the imaginative response of artists, writers and filmmakers thinking ‘outside the box’ that will help to resolve the crises we face today.

With that in mind APE is sponsoring the ‘Young Vision’ category of this year’s 1 Minute To Save the World Short Film Competition. We are inviting young amateur filmmakers, both individually and through school or youth groups - from diverse cultural backgrounds across the globe – to reflect on the challenges of climate change and how society can address these issues.

Films can be presented in any format: from animation to musical; documentary to puppetry – but must be only one minute in length. The winning filmmaker(s) will receive an Award sponsored by APE of £5,000 – but there is a catch…

As well as presenting a one-minute film, participants will be asked to present a Proposal explaining how the prize money will be spent. For example, a school group may want to spend the money on a 'living playground’ or a youth group may wish to create a bicycle-powered sound-system for gigs and shows. Alternatively, individuals may propose to spend the Award on sponsoring the education of a pen-pal in the developing South, or on a film-making course to hone their practical skills. Any combination of film and proposal is acceptable – but of course, the more ambitious, radical and thought-provoking, the better!

The winning entry will be judged on the quality and originality of ideas presented in both the film and the proposal. Once the Award has been made, the winning entrant(s) will then have a year in which to bring their dream to fruition at which point a final one-minute concluding film about the venture’s successes (or failures) will be made, which completes the Award. The initial film will be shown on both the APE and 1 Minute websites and other media platforms. The complete Award documenting the initial film, proposal and final film will be showcased on the APE website. We encourage young people from school age up to 25, years from across the globe, to participate in the ‘Young Vision: A Better World Is Possible’ One Minute Film Award.

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