Monday, November 08, 2010

Tory Guide to stop squatters to be published online

A Tory minister told the BBC: "Squatting is anti-social, undesirable, and unfair on homeowners who find they have their homes taken over.

Squatting is a key target for the Tories so I wrote the following comment on the BBC website.
I and many other people squatted in East London during the 1990's. First as a protest against the M11 link road, then as a lifestyle choice.

We found out that 250,000 buildings are abandoned for various reasons all over the UK.

There were so many empty buildings, we declared ourselves as care takers. We squatted them, fixed leaks, tidied gardens, paid council tax, gas and electricty bills. Sometimes we stayed for 6months, others a year at a time. We always left the place in a better state that we found it. Squatting was and is vital to allow people to build alternative communities. Too many of us live in tiny boxes paying high rent to be isolated. We need communal buildings to come together to create sustainable worlds.

Ask any artists or journalist or anyone in a creative industry and chances are, they have squatted or attended an inspiring squat party. Squats shape our society for the better.

We even made a film to help people- Squat the lot- a squatters Guide

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