Thursday, October 07, 2010

A Minority Pastime- my review

I joined the audience last night in Swansea Environment centre to watch a film about Fox Hunting last night called A Minority Pastime

When 55year old Nisa Ward witnessed a deer torn apart by out-of-control hunting hounds in 2005, she was shocked and the film follows her journey of discovery as she tries to understand why the right to hunt and kill animals for sport is so important to a small, but very powerful, group of English people.

Film maker Michael Dixon does well under pressure to get the shots needed but tends to use too much, presumably deliberate, camera shake. Perhaps he is trying to re-create the look of CSI but it get's in the way and becomes annoying after 40mins which is less than half way through in the long film. And the film does feel long- 100mins which detracts away from it.However the quality of his footage is excellent.
About 10% of the audience left before the end so i think a 75min edit would be helpful. The music put me off too.

Fantastic Fox from Minority Pastime on Vimeo.

It did give a useful insight into the world of hunting, explaining the hunters and followers techniques to kill foxes with hounds despite it being illegal.

A notable point of the film was that just about everyone in the film was above 55, some much older than that. One hunt saboteur jumping out a land rover must have been 70!

Nisa Ward said
“Like most people I supported a ban on hunting but I would never have become involved in any campaign against it until this happened to me. I want the public to know what’s happening and to see it. We will be filming over the winter season and into the spring, they can follow the story on our website, see the film and judge for themselves.”

It is interesting to see more and more feature length films made by activists. But we need to learn how to keep the pace going for the full film!. Other than that, A Minority Pastime needs to be viewed to understand what the Tories want to legalise once again.

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