Thursday, October 14, 2010


20-30 October 2010
At 229 High Street, Swansea, and on tour
Volcano continues its unique explorations and transformations of Swansea's
undiscovered or abandoned places. In Shelf Life earlier this year we re-opened the
old Swansea Central Library in Alexandra Road. Previously we brought to life a
former copper rolling-mill in Landore and invited people to explore the Lord Mayor's
Mansion House in Ffynone. This time we are moving into retail! In the current
climate, empty shop floors in our High Streets are an all-too familiar sight. We
will take over one such space and transform it into a unique promenade theatre bar
for ten days of performances.

The show takes us back to the year 1977. A thriving year for plane hijackings, and a
busy period for the terrorists of the Red Army Faction. The Sex Pistols and the The
Clash released their seminal albums, and with Franco gone, Spain's fascist regime
gasped its last breaths. The Vietnam war, of course, was over, although its meanings
for American culture and global politics were anything but finished. In Manila,
Francis Ford Coppola was struggling to make an ending to his classic Vietnam War
epic Apocalypse Now.

Volcano's 1977 begins on the set of the notoriously troubled movie. As Coppola,
Sheen and the crew go mad in the jungle, we transport you to a very different event
taking place on the other side of the world - a conference is gathering in Wales
that aims to take the temperature of a "dying century". Among the thronging
intellectuals there are two very particular young delegates. Their lives and stories
unfold, with shattering consequences, against the twin backdrops of the conference
rooms and Coppola's film.

With music by The Doors, Patti Smith and Gang of Four. Expect love, politics,
movie-stars, and some very loud drums...

Swansea Performance times: Wed - Fri 7:30pm (Except Tues 26th 8pm), Sat 6:30pm. Bar
opens half an hour earlier.

2010 Tour Dates
SWANSEA | 229 High Street | 20-30 October | 01792 60 20 60
CARDIFF | Chapter | 12 & 13 November, 8pm| 029 2030 4400
COLCHESTER | Lakeside Theatre | 17 & 18 November, 7:30pm | 01206 573948
BEDFORD | University of Bedfordshire | 20 November | 0800 328 5334
WOLVERHAMPTON | Arena Theatre | 23 November, 7:30pm | 01902 321321

1977 is directed by John Hardwick
Featuring Paul Davies as Eleanor, Francis Ford Coppola, and various conference
Philip Ralph as Keith, Martin Sheen and various conference delegates.
Peter Webb on drums, and as the older Keith, the journalist, and various film crew.
Movement Advisor: Catherine Bennett
Design for site-specific performances by Holly McCarthy
A 2009/10 production by Volcano Theatre Company and Taliesin Arts Centre

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