Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Trees of the future

I hear a talk yesterday with Ben Law, the woodsman. He said Oak trees grown in the UK probably will be of little use for building in 30 years time. Climate Change and new pests will attack them so we have to look at other speices.

Today I read about Chestnut Conker trees are under attack by 'alien' invaders!
Have you noticed whitish patches on the leaves of horse chestnut trees? By the middle of summer, the whitish patches die and turn brown. Sometimes whole trees turn brown, and it looks like autumn has come early. The damage is caused by a tiny 'alien' species of leaf-mining moth, which is invading the UK. For biologists, an 'alien' is a species not naturally found in an area or habitat. The moth’s caterpillars eat the leaves from the inside. Infected trees are weakened, and produce smaller conkers.
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