Thursday, September 16, 2010

Pope owes me some lost sleep

I recall being a child and being woken up at 5am to join the million or so people flocking to see The Pope who was visiting Dublin, Ireland on September 29 1979.

Walking through the Phoenix Park and seeing thousands of people emerging from the mists to hear Gods salesman drone on about every sperm being sacred was the finale for my belief in a Christian God. The mist made everyone look like Zombies.

The rise in birth rates in Ireland began in the early 1970s and peaked in June 1980, exactly nine months after the pope's visit so people had followed the Popes sermon it seems!

I recall that his visit became the very the moment which turned me off Religion for life. I am heartened from hearing of dastardly plans to disrupt this present Popes trip around the UK.

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