Thursday, September 16, 2010

Get your camera out for 10/10/10

With the support of the United Nations, and dozens of organisations around
the world we are helping to create a shared global archive of video
representing EVERY country in the world in one day... all shot on 10/10/10.
The One Day on Earth team is working closely with thousands of filmmakers,
educators, and inspired individuals participating as part of their
collaborative community:

While everyone will be able to explore the shared archive, only those that
share footage will be able to download (for non-commercial use & with
credit) and create your own "One Day on Earth", or other creative
explorations. Additionally, the One Day on Earth team will create a feature
film that promises to represent EVERY country in the world.

What perspective do you want to share with the world? You must participate
to download from the archive. Join us!

Check out the trailer here:

Sign-up here:

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