Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Get paid £2500 to work for a charity of your choice!

If you would like to apply to work with Undercurrents thru this scheme, contact


The World of Difference UK programme, delivered by the Vodafone Foundation, launches
on 11th October, giving 500 people the power to make a difference in their local community.

Like last year, winners of the two month programme will be paid to work for a UK
charity of their choice. If successful, the Vodafone Foundation will fund the charity £2,500 towards thewinner's salary plus £250 for the charity's expenses. For more information check out our website and the dedicated charities section at : .

The World of Difference programme gives people with the passion to work for their
chosen charity, the chance to make a considerable impact over two months of full time work. For those peoplewho want to get involved, but are not sure what opportunities are available, the Vodafone Foundation has teamed up again with WorldWide Volunteering, one of the UK's leading volunteering charities, to create the unique Charity
Matchmaker tool on the World of Difference website. The Charity Matchmaker makes it
easy for people to search for opportunities within their interest range and location. If you want tofind people with the skills that youcurrently need, ensure that your Charity is on there. To add your Charity to the matchmaker tool visit : .

If you know someone who is interested in the programme, please direct them to : where they can find out
more information and apply online. They must agree
their application with you before submitting.

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