Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Free Energy Saving Plug & Water Widget worth £20

Grass Roots, a company helping the Government meet its Carbon Emissions Reduction Target, is offering every mainland UK household (sadly, Northern Ireland is not included) a free LIME energy saving plug worth £19.99 and a water widget.

Apply for a plug and widget on Free Green Gadgets before 31 Dec 2010, entering the code 'GREEN1' on the sign up form, and the plug will be sent within 28 days.

Make sure you enter your postcode and details correctly to avoid confusion. It's only one set per household, and if you've received an energy saving device before then you won't be able to get this set.

The plug helps you save energy by automatically switching off the electricity to your connected equipment. You can either use it for one piece of equipment such as your TV or PC or for multiple ones connected through a extension cable. You'll can also switch the plug on/off from a distance with a normal remote control.

The Water Widget is a device you can fit on your shower tap to cut the amount of water used, it says by 70%, whilst still maintaining the performance of your shower.

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