Thursday, September 30, 2010

Film Critic of Pentagon

None of like critics of our films but if we can leave our ego aside for a minute, many times it helps our films become much better.

I just spotted this criticism of a film uploaded about 'a group of left-wing activists, rebelling against all and nothing, are holding a pair of right-wing fanatics hostage.'

Sounds interesting enough but viewer dncholas said'
This might actually be a decent flick but the resolution is so bad I cannot watch it. Makes me feel like I took my glasses off and watching a blur. I recommend uploading a better copy of this if you want anyone to watch it.'

Fair enough and easy to fix except the film maker replied
'Actually the film is supposed to look that way. It was intentionally filmed with an older mobile phone. I agree the resolution is bad, but somehow that's the point.'

Now if someone complains that they can't actually watch your film without feeling ill..then i think you need to look at it again or be clear about your platform of distribution and only make it available for viewing on mobile phones)

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