Thursday, August 19, 2010

Activists swoop on Royal bank of Scotland a day early

100 climate activists have swooped on the grounds of RBS headquarters at Gogarburn. The swoop happened a day early at 9.15pm in order to outfox authorities who were keen to prevent the camp from happening.

The location of the site has been announced through a mass text message that campers were subscribing to as part of Thursday's 'swoop'.

Marquees, eco-toilets and kitchens are already being set up, and hundreds of activists will be arriving at the camp over the next few days.

Ruth McTernan said: "It's been a dramatic start to what's going to be a week full of workshops, sustainable living and direct action against RBS' crimes
against the climate.

"We're in a beautiful location here at Gogarburn, surrounded by the woods. People should come down, have a cup of tea and check out what's going on
for themselves."

Activists have declared a day of mass action against the Royal Bank of Scotland on Monday 23rd.

The 'Swoop' on Thursday will still be taking place, but only from one location, St Andrew's Square.

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