Thursday, July 15, 2010

Films about food waste wanted- $300 paid

I got this from a film maker who is working on a documentary film on the
waste of food, its social and environmental consequences, and the
possibilities of reducing the amount of food that ends on the trash.

She said-
We are still looking for professional or amateur filmmakers or
videoactivists that are willing to produce a *3 minutes video* on the
subject of foodwaste in their countries. We pay $300 per video.

Proposals can be sent *until August 15th. Below you can find the call
for entries and the conditions. We are specially interested in videos from Asia, Africa and Latinamerica.

“Taste the Waste”: Call for Videoclips for documentary film *
Our Topic is the waste of food. You could show a huge amount of food
waste, but if possible try also to focus on alternatives or solutions to
avoid food waste.

Food waste occurs during production (on the fields), or during
distribution (on whole sale markets, transport, and in shops and
supermarkets), and during consumption (in restaurants, wedding banketts
or private households).

We need a ready clip of about *3 minutes length*, comment in English or
text on screen, the interviews can be dubbed or subtitled, and we would
love lively music.

Or you just send us your raw material: It should contain enough scenes
so that we can cut a clip of 3 minutes. The video will be cut as a clip
with speed, so whether we get action in the scenes or we cut the images
in a quick rhythm – as a consequence we need a lot of footage to cut.

Please send first a short *outline* of what you plan in English, French,
German or Spanish to:
*until August 15^th .* Please also
specify which video format you want to use. To transfer the footage we
prefer that it is converted into a computer file so that it can be
uploaded on a server. Selected projects will get *300 $* to produce the

More information about the project on:

Karin de Miguel Wessendorf
Marsiliusstrasse 36
50937 Köln
Tel: + 49 (0) 221 94202511
Fax:+ 49 (0) 221 94202512

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