Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Novelty Band threatened by Brewery on way to Glastonbury festival

Press Release Wednesday 23 2010
Musicians and their young families were threatened today by 12 black clad men hired by Thatchers the cider company.

The Dukes, a novelty band which plays inside a human sized Juke box, were traveling to play their 5th gig at Glastonbury festival, when they stopped to purchase cider from the Thatchers brewery shop.

After making their purchases, the band members prepared to move on to Glastonbury festival. Suddenly a group of heavy set men, one with an iron rod in his hand, ordered the band and their young families to get out of the car park immediately as they were not quick enough in leaving.

A shocked Beth Furlong, wife of the lead singer said
‘ We were confronted by large men dressed in black showing aggressive attitudes and ordering us to leave. My husband had our four year old son crying in his arms as a man held an iron rod, obviously with the intention of smashing our skulls in. I couldn’t believe that the brewery were treating their customers in this way.’

Lead singer of The Dukes, Jo Furlong called for the shop staff to intervene and to bear witness to the aggression being displayed.

The entire incident was recorded on CCTV and the band is issuing a complaint to the owners of the brewery.

The band issued the following statement
‘This is not the way we expected to start our Glastonbury festival and can not understand why a reputable brewery would allow its staff to behave in such a threatening way towards their customers, The Dukes produce music that makes people smile and laugh while it seems Thatchers make a beverage that encourages their staff to want to fight’

The Dukes will be playing Glastonbury festival on Friday and Saturday
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