Thursday, May 13, 2010

Ideas wanted for Tar Sands campaign- win £500

Distributors Dogwoof and the Co-operative have launched a new competition
to mark the release of new documentary Petropolis, out 14 May 2010.

Creating lakes of toxic waste that can be seen from space, Canada's tar
sands operations are destroying formerly pristine forest and polluting the
air and water, with profound consequences for local people and wildlife.
Director Peter Mettler's film Petropolis chooses an aerial perspective to
tell the story of the most pressing climate change threat of our time.

Can you do better? How would you put the impending climate and ecological
disaster of Canada's tar sands in the limelight? Submit your ideas or
designs for a poster, billboard, game, badge, photograph, animation or
short film; or come up with something entirely different. Get creative and
help Dogwoof communicate the folly of the tar sands.

The winner will receive £500UKP and your idea may be used in their high
profile Toxic Fuels campaign.

Find out more about tar sands at and submit your
entries to

Deadline: Friday 18 June 2010