Thursday, May 13, 2010

Funds for charities

Santander Foundation
The Santander Foundation unites the charitable donations previously made in the UK
by Abbey, Alliance & Leicester and Bradford & Bingley savings business and has over
£3 million to donate to local charities throughout the UK.

The re-launched Santander Foundation will focus upon funding charitable projects in
line with Santander Group's global priorities of education and training; and
financial capability. The maximum donation for charities anywhere in the UK will
rise 150% to £10,000 with an average grant of around £4,500. For the first time,
grants for revenue items (such as salaries or running costs) in addition to capital
items (such as equipment and training materials) will be made available. By opening
up the scope of the funding in this way, it allows a greater number of charities to
benefit and use the funding effectively to make a difference in their local

There are no deadlines, no application forms and the Foundation does not need a copy
of your annual report and accounts. Charities wanting to find out more about the
Foundation can visit