Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Funding for Cultural Activities addressing EU issues

The European Commission Representation in the UK is offering project
co-funding for cultural activities that:
* Raise awareness and understanding of themes of key current
public importance as set out by the EU ( see below)
* Relate these themes to the applicants local communities or
target audiences
* Achieve a wide geographical spread throughout the UK.

Cultural organisations in the UK can apply for grants of up to
€25,000, with a maximum of 70% towards the total costs. Grants of
under €5,000 will not be considered.

The funding is to stage cultural events that promote the following themes:
* Ageing population
* Bio-diversity
* Climate change and the environment
* Combating poverty and social exclusion
* Migrants
* Sustaining growth, jobs and solidarity
* Raising the profile of the EC Representation in the UK.

The deadline for applications is 18 June 2010.
For more information visit the Europa website here:

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