Friday, May 21, 2010

Copy your old tapes to Digital

ADVCmini High-quality Analogue to Digital Video Converter for Mac & PC
Grass Valley have announced a new hardware and software conversion product
named "ADVCmini" that allows transfer of high-quality video from VHS tapes,
digital camcorders, and similar sources to their Mac computer for editing in
Final Cut Pro or iMovie. Grass Valley will also introduce a PC version later
this year that will enable users to edit their footage with nonlinear
editing software such as the EDIUS® Neo 2 editing software.

Most similar converters in this category have poor video quality –
especially when converting composite video into a digital signal. The 3D Y/C
separator in the new Grass Valley ADVCmini box provides high-quality
conversion typically available only in converters that are much more

Video can be captured via composite Y/C, S-video, or SCART cable, along with
left/right stereo audio. True 3D Y/C separation provides excellent quality
conversion from composite video sources. The intuitive unit is small and
powered by the Mac's USB port. Price £103+VAT