Thursday, May 20, 2010

Climate Change knowledge in Swansea

Do you want to find out more about climate change? Do you wish you
had the confidence to talk to people about it? Or maybe you want to have the
tools to make your community more sustainable? Then the Environment Centre has
the training for you!
We are bringing 3 great training opportunities to Swansea for the
first time. They are delivered by experts in their fields and include a
delicious locally sourced buffet and fairtrade tea & coffee.

COIN Climate Change Condensed on Saturday 12th June
This Climate Outreach Information Network (COIN) training course uses
the latest education and action learning techniques with partner and group
exercises and discussion to inform those new to the subject or who would like to
make sure they have the latest facts & theories.
Cost: £15 public / £25 local authority/charity workers / £50 business. Book
by 28th May.

COIN Climate Change Speaker Training on Saturday 3rd July
New speakers will gain the confidence so that they can speak
powerfully without being a scientific expert by talking of their own
experiences, hopes and fears. Seasoned speakers will obtain new skills for
communicating more effectively. This intensive one-day course gives participants
the text, information, skills and confidence to prepare and deliver a persuasive
half hour talk on climate change. The training also includes advice on dealing
with sceptics and ‘difficult’ audiences.
Cost: £40 public/ £75 local authority/charity workers / £105 business. Book
by 18th June.

Planed Sustainability Toolkit Training on Thursday 24th June
Do you work with communities? Do you want to help the communities you
work with or live in develop sustainable projects? Then this course is for you!

The toolkit provided by Planed (Pembrokeshire Local Action Network
for Enterprise and Development) focuses on engaging communities and getting them
to participate in the identification and development of sustainable projects
& opportunities. The Toolkit has been designed in collaboration with the New
Economics Foundation. The training is particularly relevant for all working with
community groups on a developmental level also it is a very powerful awareness
raising tool.
Cost: Just £10! Book by 10th June.

These are great tried & tested sessions and will be in high demand, so you will need to book early! To book contact James or Hannah on 01792 480200 or