Thursday, April 08, 2010

Photography and the Digital Economy Bill,

Photographers all over the country are today celebrating the news that the
government last night dropped clause 43 from the Digital Economy Bill, which
photographers' feared would have threatened their copyright over their work by
making images found on the internet available for use by anyone, anywhere.

To celebrate, a group of photographers are tonight staging an exhibition with a
difference - they are taking to the streets to project great new street photography
onto mobile, hand-held screens
in landmark London spots including Trafalgar Sq.

Dubbed 'Roaming Human Projection', the group So Shoot Me believe it will be the
first exhibition of its kind. The exhibition also aims to highlight the increasing
restrictions being placed on photographers operating in public places, in the form
of the new ICO guidelines under section 51 of the Data Protection Act (1998). The
group are celebrating one victory for photographers' rights, and projecting to
protect the future of street photography in the UK.
For more information and sample images, please contact:

Emma Ailes