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A Barn Camp in the beautiful Wye Valley 11th -14th June 2009.

A Barn Camp in the beautiful Wye Valley from Thursday 11th till Sunday
14th June 2009.

The 3rd edition of our summer camp at Highbury Farm in the beautiful
Wye valley taking place between the 11th and 13th June* and this year
entitled BarnCamp, it'll feature two days of workshops, demos,
discussions and practical, how-to sessions looking at how technology
can be useful (and dangerous) for campaigners, community activists and
general trouble makers. Come along if you are interested in...

* 12v power for beginners - running tech in the field, or from your vehicle
* Multimedia and music - Share how to Communicate messages and
media in our peer to peer learning workshops
* Free software and security - ever wanted to communicate securely
(come one everyone has a secret or two!)
* Food foraging, rocket stove and other outdoor-like workshops.
* Free Network Services - How communication can be more ethical
and autonomous in the days of the Corporate information services

In the evening there will be both indoor and fireside entertainment,
and plenty of time to meet people, and chill.

More details to are available on our organising website.

There's about the (small) fee we need to run the event, you'll need to
sign-up, there's info about transport, and what workshops to expect or
how to offer a workshop in our Barn Camp knowledge extravaganza.

In the meantime, if you're interested in coming or getting involved in
the running, Get in touch via our mailing list.

**What is a Barn Camp
Well we just made it up cos it sounds cool. But the name has it's
roots in the Bar Camp concept. What is a Bar Camp - well go to and it'll tell you that it ..

* is an ad-hoc gathering born from the desire for people to share
and learn in an open environment.
* It is an intense event with discussions, demos and interaction
from participants who are the main actors of the event.

So, it's the same - only it's happening in a Barn - yes a real Barn -
on a farm. No shit. Well apart from ... you know. Anyway the focus is
on a healthy take on technology, a mix of computer, hardware and
general fun in the sun workshops.

Oil company sponsors British 'political' Documentary Awards

I am shocked that Shell Oil sponsor the Grierson 2010: The British Documentary Awards which recognise films that demonstrate integrity, originality, technical excellence and social or cultural significance.

All categories are open to documentaries made anywhere in the world
so long as they have had a first UK screening during the qualifying
period, 1 May 2009 - 30 April 2010.

The award categories are:
Shell International Best Documentary on a Contemporary Issue-A single documentary, or an episode from a strand or series, which reflects the Grierson tradition of social or political documentary on a contemporary theme.

Now Shell are implicated in the death of poet, film maker and activist Ken Saro Wiwa so what would happen if i entered a film about Shells involvement in Nigeria I wonder?
It wouldn't get a look in! Grierson awards should be ashamed of accepting Shell blood money

A shortlist of eight entries for each category will be announced on 3
August 2010 and the final four nominations in each category on 17
September 2010. The winners will be announced at the awards ceremony
at the BFI Southbank in London on the evening of 2 November 2010.

I wrote to them to show my can to via here
Dear Grierson trustees
As a documentary maker, I am shocked that Shell Oil has been allowed to sponsor the British Documentary Awards.

Shell are implicated in the death of poet, activist Ken Saro Wiwa . Last year the oil giant Shell agreed to pay $15.5m (£9.6m) in settlement of a legal action in which it was accused of having ­collaborated in the execution of the writer Ken Saro-Wiwa and eight other leaders of the Ogoni tribe of southern Nigeria.

The settlement, reached on the eve of the trial in a federal court in New York, was one of the largest payouts agreed by a ­multinational corporation charged with human rights violations.

So what would happen if i entered a film about Shells involvement in Nigeria I wonder?

It wouldn't get a look in! Grierson awards should be ashamed of accepting Shell blood money
Truly disappointed

Paul O'Connor
Undercurrents productions
Old Exchange
Pier Street
Swansea, SA1 1RY

National Poetry Competition open for entries

deadline - 31 October 2010
Now in its 33rd year, the Poetry Society’s National Poetry Competition
is one of the world’s biggest and most prestigious poetry competitions.

Winners include both established and emerging poets and for many the
prize has proved an important milestone in their professional careers.
Add your name to a roll-call of winners that includes Carol Ann Duffy,
Ian Duhig, Philip Gross, and Jo Shapcott – and have your work published
in the Poetry Society’s leading international journal, Poetry Review.
The judges this year are poets George Szirtes, Deryn Rees-Jones and
Sinéad Morrissey.

The prizes are £5,000 for the overall winner, £2,000 for the second,
£1,000 for the third and seven commendations of £100.
Enter online or download an entry form at

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Send cement to Gaza and help rebuild

Since the attacks on Gaza last year that left over 1,400 people dead, and 50,000 people homeless, no building supplies have been allowed to enter Gaza. 15 months on, people still live in tents and temporary shelter, unable to rebuild their homes. Among others Viva Palestina will be taking part in this flotilla which will be bringing much needed humanitarian aid, and attempting to break the siege once more.
You can help by donating £5 to Viva Palestina for a bag of cement which will be bought in Turkey and loaded for GAZA there. Simply click on the DONATE button on

Being hunted down because o the Colour of hair

Imagine a world where you are hunted by Police for the colour of your hair.
Warning- this film displays graphic violence

M.I.A, Born Free from ROMAIN-GAVRAS on Vimeo.

Secret lives of caravans= Sol Cinema in The Times

The secret life of caravans is an article by Amy Hodge in The Times which showcases Undercurrents new edition- The Sol Cinema, also includes the Dukes Box and other caravan attractions. Read it here.

Whale Wars series 2

I just finished watched 11 episodes of Whale Wars series 2: It's not about whales. It's about 42 crazy die-hards with a mission.Incredible insight into activism- be great to see more like this.
Follow the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society's ongoing struggle to end Japanese whaling

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Metropolitan Police admit they haven't got a clue

The Metropolitan Police has warned officers they risk breaking the law if they stop photographers, using counter-terrorism legislation.

The latest caution is contained in the Met's <>'Photography Advice' for officers, a recently amended version of which now appears on the force's

The original guidance drew criticism from photographers for failing to make clear that, for example, police do
not have the right to confiscate or delete photos without a court order.

However, the Met has since altered the advice, adding several crucial paragraphs that warn police officers they may be acting unlawfully if they choose to ignore them.

Regarding Section 44 and Section 43 [Terrorism Act 2000] stop-and-search powers the advice for officers now states: 'Officers do not have the power to delete digital images or destroy film at any point during a search. Deletion or destruction may only take place following seizure if there is a lawful power (such as a court order) that permits such deletion or destruction.'

Guidance for using Section 58A, which makes a photograph of a police constable a potential crime if police deem it likely to be useful to a terrorist, now states: 'It would ordinarily be unlawful to use Section 58A to arrest people photographing police officers in the course of normal policing activities, including protests, because there would not normally be grounds for suspecting that the photographs were being taken to provide assistance to a terrorist. An arrest would only be lawful if an arresting officer had a reasonable suspicion that the photographs were being taken in
order to provide practical assistance to a person committing or preparing
an act of terrorism.'

It adds: 'There is nothing preventing officers asking questions of an
individual who appears to be taking photographs of someone who is or has
been a member of Her Majesty's Forces, Intelligence Services or a constable
so long as this is being done for a lawful purpose and is not being done in
a way that prevents, dissuades or inhibits that individual from doing
something which is not unlawful.'

Police Photography Advice

Waste of food film festival

“*Taste the Waste”: Call for Videoclips** for documentary film and
internet campaign*

Our Topic is the waste of food. You could show a huge amount of food
waste, but if possible try also to focus on alternatives or solutions to
avoid food waste.

Food waste occurs during production (on the fields), or during
distribution (on whole sale markets, transport, and in shops and
supermarkets), and during consumption (in restaurants, wedding banquets
or private households).

We need a ready clip of about 3 minutes length, comment in English or
text on screen, the interviews can be dubbed or subtitled, and we would
love lively music.

Or you just send us your raw material: It should contain enough scenes
so that we can cut a clip of 3 minutes. The video will be cut as a clip
with speed, so whether we get action in the scenes or we cut the images
in a quick rhythm – as a consequence we need a lot of footage to cut.

Please send first a short outline of what you plan in English, French or
Spanish to: _
Please also specify which video format you want to use. To transfer the
footage we prefer that it is converted into a computer file so that it
can be uploaded on a server. Selected projects will get 300 $ to produce
the video.

We would thank you if you could forward this call for entries to
filmmakers or videoactivists that could be interested in participating
in the project. We are specially interested in videos from Asia, Africa
and Latinamerica.

More information on:

Secret lives of caravans= Sol Cinema in The Times today

There's more to caravans than mobile holiday accommodation, today artists and small businesses are turning the humble white box into the latest retail and creative space and taking them to an event near you.

Amy Hodge writes about our Sol Cinema and other caravan attractions in The Times

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Community funds

Kerrygold, the butter brand owned by a cooperative of Irish dairy
farmers, has launched the Kerrygold Community Awards.
First run last year, the awards are designed to` encourage, support and
reward people all over the UK that come together to achieve a common
goal that brings benefits to a whole community`. People or organisations
with a good idea for a community project and who require funding may
enter the Community Awards. However, national registered charities are
excluded from entering: the rules state that projects must be `staffed
by members of that community. These projects should be non-profit
generating and should not be initiated by national registered charities`.

Gil Scott-Heron asked to boycott his tour in Israel

The man who performed The Revolution Will Not Be Televised - Gil Scott-Heron has been asked to boycott his tour in Israel. This video is a collage of Youtube clips to the original recording from Gil Scott Heron's classic first album.

In an open letter to musician Gil Scott-Heron, The Electronic Intifada's Matthew Cassel urges him to cancel his upcoming concert in Tel Aviv: "Your scheduled concert in Tel Aviv is in direct violation of the call by Palestinian civil society for boycott, divestment and sanctions against Israel. A similar boycott, which you full-heartedly supported, was called for in South Africa and helped bring an end to apartheid in that country."

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

YouTube removes my eco- video...again

I am doing battle with YouTube again for removing one of my videos. When i made a series about a couple cycling from UK to Australia, i never expected that National Geographic would try and stop it being seen. I battled and won over the same film last year after they removed it.

Now YouTube state
Your video, Episode 08 Bike2Oz (Pakistan to India) , may include content that is owned or licensed by these content owners:* Content owner: National Geographic Type: Audiovisual content
Anyone trying to watch my film see this instead- This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by National Geographic.

Total rubbish- I suspect someone doesn't like what is said in the film about Pakistan so they are using their power to stop it.


In 2002, Britain produced 15 per cent of its own cannabis. In 2010 that figure is 90 per cent, and police around the country raid at least three factories every day.
A programme which looks at everything from the headshops to the home grower.

Reporting conflict: a war or peace approach?

War journalism and peace journalism are two different ways of reporting the same set of events. Where does this leave objectivity, balance, truth and ethics? Johan Galtung and Jake Lynch offer some observations.

The point is, war journalism and peace journalism are two different ways of reporting the same set of events. They are two angles, two discourses, with underlying cognitive and normative assumptions.

Both are based on reporting facts. It is simply not the case that one is realistic and descriptive and the other is moralistic, idealistic and normative. They are both descriptive of reality. The difference is that peace journalism tries to take in more of reality. They both report.

War journalism does not dispense military advice, and peace journalism should also refrain from giving advice. Their task is to clarify, unveil, reveal reality to enable others to draw normative conclusions.

Both war and peace journalism may accuse each other of being idealistic, not realistic. There are two meanings to ‘idealistic’: someone who promotes a world of ‘ought’, detached from the world of ‘is’, and someone who has such a narrow idea of reality that it becomes a caricature.

Peace journalists should not promote; leave that to peace activists. But war journalists who restrict their vision of reality to the battlefield are simply bad journalists. Leave that to sports journalists, cricket fields, soccer games...moremore

Monday, April 19, 2010

Comedian Mark Thomas wins £1,200 after illegal police search

Police have paid compensation and apologised to the comedian and activist Mark Thomas after they admitted unlawfully searching him for looking "over-confident" at a demonstration.

The Metropolitan police stopped and searched Thomas after he gave a speech at a rally against the arms trade in 2007.The police searched his shoulder bag and wallet for weapons, which they said could be used to cause criminal damage.

A police officer recorded on an official form that Thomas may have been carrying weapons as he had an "over-confident attitude". Nothing was found...more

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Israeli newspaper attacks my video

This week the Israeli newspaper, The Jerusalem Post,has written about my latest video bringing War on Want 'quite a lot of criticism for a line in the film of the action'

One of the women from War on Want i interviewed didn't get her facts entirely correct.
She says that 'all products marked Israel are basically from settlements' and that isn't strictly true. The reasons for boycott aren't that every product marked Israel is from a settlement, more that people shouldn't buy into economically supporting Israel and its oppression

So I have replaced the audio with music, which i think is probably the best solution in this case as it will just fuel the Zionists even more.

I will save the footage then to make a longer feature sometime in the future which is triple checked before releasing it.

See this article in the Jerusalem post

Friday, April 16, 2010

Queer culture, education, power and politics

You are invited to join Ultimate Holding Company
[] for a unique immersive art performance,created in collaboration with the North West's Lesbian, Gay,
Bisexual and Transgender communities.

Exam is the culmination of a 4 month engagement exploring queer culture, education, power and politics - presented just days after the country installs its latest elected representatives.

You may learn, be challenged, be engaged or be changed.One thing is certain, you will be tested.

Booking is essential, all candidates need to apply by email in advance. To participate send your contact details to:[] or visit []

Candidate numbers are limited to 100, and places are booking up
fast. Entry is free and open to all.
Further Details
For more information visit [

or call 0161 238 8523
Date: Sunday 23rd May 2010

Time: Doors open 12.30pm.

Thai protester gives police the slip (knot)

Thai protester evades police by climbing down hotel on rope
An anti-government protest leader eluded police today by climbing down a hotel facade with a rope while his supporters took two officers hostage in a theatrical twist to Thailand's political crisis.

Arisman Pongruangrong's escapade at a hotel in downtown Bangkok – where police had converged to arrest holed up protest leaders – was an embarrassment for the government.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Ecovillage Pioneers film being shown in Iowa USA

Undercurrents film Ecovillage Pioneers will be show in the Maharishi University of Management in Fairfield, Iowa, USA as part of Ecofair, a conference on Sustainable Living. The theme this year is Sustainable Communities!
April 30th, May 1st 2010
More details from Ashley O. Smith

Money for football

Kick It Out, football’s equality and inclusion campaign, has teamed up with
the Football Foundation to give up to £2,000 for community groups,
grassroots and amateur clubs to overcome exclusion through football related

The aim of the grants programme is to help to increase participation from
minority communities in all areas of the game, including playing, coaching
and refereeing, using football to create more inclusive communities and
helping grassroots and amateur teams develop closer links with mainstream
football including local county Football Associations.

Paul Thorogood, Chief Executive of the Football Foundation, said:

“Accessing this funding is easy, straightforward and will allow groups from
under represented communities a chance to celebrate their love and passion
for the game in their own way.”

Piara Powar, Director for Kick It Out said:

“This money will make a difference to minority communities across the
country, empowering those groups that may ordinarily get missed out and
developing sustainable projects that can have a longer term life.”

In recent years, the grants have helped fund a wide range of projects from
across the country, including a futsal club based in West London, a
multi-faith football scheme in Preston and a project aimed at raising
participation for refugees in Bury.

Key issues that the grants aim to address this year include increasing
participation amongst the Gypsy, Roma and Traveller communities and using
sporting activities to engage participants from faith-based organisations.
Other significant areas include using sport to address Islamophobia and
anti-Semitism and addressing homophobia and promoting the inclusion of the
lesbian and gay community in the game.

The Football Foundation is the country’s largest sports charity, funded by
the Premier League, The FA and Government.

Any group wishing to apply for a grant can do so by visiting

The deadline for applications is Monday 25th April 5pm.

What did you actually see?

You're in the pub and trouble starts. There is shouting, someone is stabbed, they die. It happened right in front of your eyes and the police want to speak to you. But what exactly did you see?

Interesting use of technology and playacting to show a 'murder' to unsuspecting pub goers.

Undercurrents film showing in Croatia film festival

A film i made about a couple cycling from Oxford to Australia will be shown next week in the Croatian "Sisak Eco Film Festival". It will be held in Sisak on April 24 then some other towns in Croatia during May and June. In all towns the audience will vote for the best film. Therefore the best film of this year Festival will be chosen by the end of June!

SEFF – Sisak Eco Film Festival 2010
. Saturday 24.4.2010. in “Kazalište 21”, Sisak
5. CLIMATE CYCLE Paul O’Connor UK 15’

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Refuge in Films 2010 Call for films

Refuge in Films is calling for films produced between January 2007 and
April 2010, on the subjects of Immigration, Refuge and Displacement. The
call is open to national and international filmmakers from all backgrounds.
The festival will run during Refugee Week 2009 in 18th to 20th June in
London at the BFI Southbank.

The deadline is 30th April, 2010.
Please send your film in DVD format, two stills in JPEG format and a
submission form that you can find in this link:

Refuge in Films 2009
357 Kennington Lane
SE11 5QY

For more information:
or contact Beatriz Villate at: or (+44) 07903494703.

*Awards for Bridging Cultures (UK) *

community and voluntary organisations that are working towards making a real
and meaningful contribution towards the mutual understanding of cultural
differences within communities are being invited to enter the Awards for
Bridging Cultures (ABC).

There are three different categories of the Awards for Bridging Cultures:

- Voluntary or community groups or organisations running projects to
promote intercultural dialogue with gross annual financial income of over
£100,000 (in the last two financial years)
- Voluntary or community groups or organisations running projects to
promote intercultural dialogue with gross annual financial income of
£100,000 or under (in the last two financial years)
- Local authorities, public sector organisations and private companies
who can demonstrate their support for voluntary sector projects which
promote intercultural dialogue by financing, initiating or supporting
grassroots projects.
The winners of each of the two categories for voluntary organisations will
receive £10,000 and commended organisations in these categories will receive
up to £5,000 each.

The deadline for applications is 5pm on the 13th September 2010. For more
information, visit:

Monday, April 12, 2010

Chuck your shoe at a politician

Met allows Islamic protesters to throw shoes
The Sunday Times - April 11, 2010

SCOTLAND YARD has bowed to Islamic sensitivities and accepted that
Muslims are entitled to throw shoes in ritual protest ­ which could have
the unintended consequence of politicians or the police being hit.

News of the concession by the Metropolitan police has come to light amid
a series of trials of more than 70 mostly Muslim demonstrators who were
charged with violent disorder after last year’s Gaza protests outside the
Israeli embassy in London.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Bristol ecovillage to be established this week

Bristol Eco Village - the Urban Centre for Alternative Technology.
This week an Urban Eco Village will be setup in Bristol.Undercurrents will be filming the guerrilla action

The Bristol Eco Village is an Urban Center for Alternative Technology. It will be an experiment in sustainable urban living. We aim to directly research methods of sustainable off-grid living within the confines of the concrete jungle.
Come along and help us set up the South West's first Urban Center for Alternative Technology!

Brief from the Ecovillage:
we are going to be meeting outside the hippodrome at 11 o'clock on saturday the 17th , the plan is to all travel by different means because some people will... be taking public transport , others by bike , if people want to walk then i will take that group up to the site also. once you arrive at the hippodrome with your bike , money for a day rider or your legs we will explain how the swoop will work and give people information on where we are heading ect. , we wont be releasing that information until on the day so as to keep the police guessing:

Ahh the '80s music videos taken literally

The Dukes Box are great ..check them out

Friday, April 09, 2010

Would you buy stolen goods in a supermarket?

Don't buy settlement goods, says TUC
The TUC and the Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC) are today (Thursday) calling on consumers not to buy goods from illegal Israeli settlements.
Launching a leaflet - Would You Buy Stolen Goods? - and a briefing for unions to
promote the campaign, TUC General Secretary Brendan Barber said:

'Israeli settlements are built on stolen Palestinian land and are illegal under international law. By confiscating land and resources, and encouraging conflict, they make life a misery for ordinary Palestinian workers and their families. And as
Israel's recent announcement of yet more settlement building shows, they are the biggest obstacle to resuming peace talks.
'It's easy for us to feel powerless about this situation, but as consumers we can make a difference by not supporting the businesses that sustain these settlements. So next time you're shopping, make sure you don't buy goods labelled: 'Product of the
West Bank (Israeli Settlement produce)'.

'This is not a call for a general boycott of Israeli goods and services which would hit ordinary Palestinian and Israeli workers. Nor should workers in Britain put
their own jobs at risk by refusing to deal with goods from the settlement goods.
Instead, we're calling for targeted, consumer-led sanctions to send a clear
message against the settlements.
'And with the Palestine Solidarity Campaign we're also calling on the UK Government to make sure that the EU bans the sale of these goods.'

- Would You Buy Stolen Goods? is available at

Activists who heckled Israeli quartet cleared of racism charge
Five pro-Palestinian activists have been cleared of racism after a court threw out charges that they were guilty of racially aggravated conduct against members of an Israeli orchestra.

The four men and one woman were accused of being racially abusive after they repeatedly disrupted a concert by the Jerusalem string quartet at the Edinburgh international festival in August 2008 by protesting about Israel's bombing of Gaza and the group's links to the Israeli army.

The same quartet were the focus of similar protests at Wigmore Hall in London last week, when five protesters were thrown out of the concert but not arrested.

Malcolm McLaren quote

'There are two rules I've always tried to live by: turn left, if you're supposed to turn right; go through any door that you're not supposed to enter. It's the only way to fight your way through to any kind of authentic feeling in a world beset by fakery. Tony Blair exalted the fake - he ushered in a karaoke culture. Never mind Iraq - that's his real legacy.'
Malcolm McLaren, RIP April 2010

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Star suckers- watch the movie now

Chris Atkins' hilarious but shocking True Stories documentary about the celebrity-obsessed media romps through the real reasons behind our addiction to fame, and pulls the rug out from the media corporations and moguls that deal it out.

Atkins sells fake celebrity stories to the tabloids, which they publish without any checks, and secretly films red-top journalists discussing the purchase of celebrities' cosmetic surgery medical records.

Deliberately targeting the sacred cows of the media industry, the film features jaw-dropping secret camera footage of Max Clifford boasting about the lengths to which he will go to protect his clients.

It culminates in an exposé of how media manipulation usurped Live 8 for its own ends, with powerful testimony from leading humanitarian charities like Make Poverty History. It also investigates and calls into question some of the key claims that have been presented to the public.

The film reveals the harmful effect a celebrity-saturated media is having on children, and how media corporations are responsible for a global epidemic of narcissism.

Atkins uses stunts, animation, expert testimony and undercover reportage to create a darkly humorous and terrifying exposé of one of the most important issues of our time.

Photography and the Digital Economy Bill,

Photographers all over the country are today celebrating the news that the
government last night dropped clause 43 from the Digital Economy Bill, which
photographers' feared would have threatened their copyright over their work by
making images found on the internet available for use by anyone, anywhere.

To celebrate, a group of photographers are tonight staging an exhibition with a
difference - they are taking to the streets to project great new street photography
onto mobile, hand-held screens
in landmark London spots including Trafalgar Sq.

Dubbed 'Roaming Human Projection', the group So Shoot Me believe it will be the
first exhibition of its kind. The exhibition also aims to highlight the increasing
restrictions being placed on photographers operating in public places, in the form
of the new ICO guidelines under section 51 of the Data Protection Act (1998). The
group are celebrating one victory for photographers' rights, and projecting to
protect the future of street photography in the UK.
For more information and sample images, please contact:

Emma Ailes

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Riot police kill protesters storming government building

Kyrgyzstan riot police open fire as protesters storm government building
Opposition claim 100 anti-government demonstrators killed as president declares state of emergency in central Asian republic

At least 180 people in Kyrgyzstan have been wounded and 17 killed in clashes between riot police and anti-government demonstrators.

Police opened fire when thousands of protesters tried to storm the main government building in the capital Bishkek and overthrow the regime.

Opposition sources said 100 demonstrators had been killed but the claim could not immediately be confirmed.

Reporters saw bodies lying in the main square outside the office of Kurmanbek Bakiyev, the central Asian republic's president.

Bakiyev declared a state of emergency as riot police firing tear gas and flash grenades beat back the crowds. There were also unconfirmed reports that the country's interior minister had been beaten by an angry mob.
Read more

Green vision film festival seeks entries

The city of St. Petersburg, Russia, kindly invites you and your colleagues to take
part in the Fifteenth International Environmental Film Festival in St. Petersburg
"Green Vision". The Festival will take place 0n November 23-27, 2010. Deadline for
films submission is August 01, 2010. Entry forms and Festival regulations are
available on our web-site:

Undercurrents showed our films at this festival in 1998

Lancashire International Film Festival seeks films

CINEMATOPIA, Preston's groovalicious FILM and MUSIC VIDEO EVENT, is coming
to the very first LIFE: Lancashire International Film Festival on 22nd and
23rd May 2010 for two cinetastic special events! Cinematopia is a weird and
wonderful themed programme of SHORT FILM, MUSIC VIDEO, DIGITAL MEDIA and

Cinematopia's theme is GROOVY, BIZARRE, OFFBEAT. This can include Kitsch,
Trash, Sci-Fi, Pastiche, Psychedelic, Retro, Experimental, Avant-Garde,
Technical Wizardry, Outrageous & Hilarious

DEADLINE: Mon 10 May 2010
Please contact*at* for info, rules of entry +
submission form.
Find Cinematopia on facebook groups!

Lancashire International Film Festival
SATURDAY 22 and SUNDAY 23 MAY 2010
The Media Factory, UCLan, Preston
Admission is free.

LIFE, Lancashire's first and only international film festival, will
feature 10 years of UCLan filmmaking, seminars, workshops, speed pitching,
competitions, live TV, festival specials from Cinematopia and much more.
For more information on LIFE please contact Ric Michael or Peter Wobser

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Russel Brand

Russel Brand, notoriously, was sacked as an MTV presenter after turning up to work on 12 September 2001 dressed as Osama Bin Laden. If that alone was not enough to lose him the job, he sealed the deal by stumbling out of the disabled toilet after a fix and introducing his crack dealer to Kylie Minogue.
read more

Anti hunting movie coming soon

When Slad Valley resident Nisa Ward witnessed a deer torn apart by out-of-control hunting hounds her life changed forever. As a child lost in the woods of a grim fairy tale she unearths a shocking world of cruelty, violence and fear. This film follows her journey of discovery as she tries to understand why the right to hunt and kill animals for sport is so important to a small, but very powerful, group of English people.

AMP Trailer 2010 HDV from Minority Pastime on Vimeo.

Format and Length
Drama-documentary-animation estimated length 100 minutes
May 2nd 2010 – planned UK Premiere

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Gordon Brown is Dirty Harry

Following months of allegations about Brown's explosive outbursts and bullying, Downing Street will seize the initiative this week with a national billboard campaign portraying him as "a sort of Dirty Harry figure", in the words of a senior aide. One poster shows a glowering Brown alongside the caption "Step outside, posh boy," while another asks "Do you want some of this?"

Possible confrontations under discussion include pushing Andrew Marr out of the way while passing him on a staircase, or thumping the back of Jeremy Paxman's chair so hard that he flinches in shock.

Brilliant if they did it but of course it is the first day of April ain't it?