Friday, March 19, 2010

Guerrilla Cinema seeks films

Guerrilla Cinema is a mobile cinema force fighting to bring good
documentaries and shorts anywhere, to anyone, for free.

The project is designed to give a platform to independent documentaries
and shorts without distributors, and to bring audiences inspiring, engaging
and imaginative work they might not otherwise come across and wouldn't know
where to look for.

We particularly want to hear from you if you've made a film on lo-to-no
budget, or you've told a story you think needs to be heard. We don't pay
and we don't charge, but we do make sure all film makers are fully credited
on screen, and will always display or distribute contact details and
website addresses when you film is playing, if you want us to.

Guerrilla Cinema is travelling to a few festivals and cultural events this
Spring and Summer, so if you have a film you think we should screen, get in
touch with us at, or check