Friday, March 26, 2010

Airport no go

In 2005 I produced reach for the skies, a film about campaigning against airports and the links between aviation and climate chaos. Then we stopped an airport being built in the UKs first area of outstanding beauty (Gower in Wales). Today the Government’s Heathrow Expansion Plans In Tatters As Judge Slams Runway Policy

The legal challenge was heard at the Royal Courts of Justice in February 2010 and was brought by a wide coalition of green groups, London councils and local residents. Judgment was given on 26 March 2010.

The coalition’s lawyers had claimed in court that the consultation process was fundamentally flawed and that the decision to expand Heathrow is at odds with the UK’s overall climate change targets. If they win, the Government’s decision to proceed with the runway will be overturned. During the hearing the Government made important concessions in a last minute bid to bolster its case.

Proceeding with the third runway would destroy not just a village and a large swathe of Green Belt but also tranquillity over a much wider area. Countryside, parks and gardens in and beyond north and west London would fall under the shadow of new flight paths and the din of thousands of extra flights.