Sunday, February 07, 2010

Save the Badger

On 13th January 2010, the Welsh Assembly Government announced that they had given the final go-ahead for a "cull" of Badgers – we use the word cull" here, but we feel murder, kill, or slaughter would be more accurate words to describe their plans.

The Save the Badger campaign states (spelling mistakes have been corrected)
Of course the Welsh Assembly Governments appear to have chosen to ignore a huge amount of scientific opinion and study which shows that such action is not only unjust, as badgers are not the main problem in relation to bovine TB, such a policy would also be incredibly expensive, extremely cruel, and would not work!

Rather bizarrely, they have seemingly also chosen to ignore the results the Westminster Governments own research into this matter who concluded that a cull of badgers was not the best way to deal with bovine TB. As a result of their research, the Westminster government have advocated a programme of the vaccination of badgers and the enforcement of stricter controls of cattle as the best methods to deal with the problem.

The cull area covers 288 sq km (111 sq mile) of north Pembrokeshire, and a small part of Ceredigion and Carmarthenshire.Opposition parties in the assembly have backed the decision.Rural Affairs Minister Elin Jones said in January: "Bovine TB is out of control and unsustainable and last year cost the taxpayer nearly £24m in compensating farmers.We know that cattle and badgers are the main sources of the disease and that, if we want to achieve our aim of eradicating bovine TB, we have to tackle the disease in both species.