Saturday, January 23, 2010

Why do conspiracy nut write in CAPITALS?

Why is it that people who are into conspiracy theories tend to write with so many capitals and colours?
When the latest conspiracy nut emailed me to tell me that climate change is all a lie and a plot by the global elite to control us, i had to ask him (manuelak on Youtube) why all the capitals?

He replied (at nauseum so here are selected highlights)
'A computer world WITHOUT CAPS and COLORS would be so STALE, so UNASSUMING, Grey, flat, dead, British'

So there you go..I asked what decent writer ever used capitals to make their point? he replied
'I'm not a recognized writer NOR I PRETEND to be one, I'm just a REAL, TRUTHFUL, DEDICATED GLOBAL ACTIVIST who finds it inadmissible that in this day and age of UNLTD. INFORMATION, having the Internet at one's disposal, there's this utter ignorance infiltrated under the guise of CLIMATE CHANGE and we need to put an end to this insanity! And WE ARE, as we speak! You and those whom you represent are being exposed to millions on a daily basis! Do yourself a favor and save some major self and public embarrassment that you ignorantly and proud of attract to your own self by going public with your lack of knowledge and incredible level of unawareness and step aside, allowing those in the know to do the job properly and correctly! You guys will feel ashamed of your own selves very soon, time will prove it!

The computers are purposely programmed with CAPS and COLORS, for the purpose of being USED. WHY ELSE?:-)'

So the lesson i learned here is that if you find yourself dismissing climate change as a fantasy, check that that you aren't writing in CAPITALs!