Saturday, January 23, 2010

Veg seed swapping in Wales

Our popular seed swapping event, 'Seedy Sunday' happens every spring in Machynlleth, Mid Wales.
Next event : Seedy Sunday 2010 - 28th Feb at Y Plas, 10.30am - 4pm
This is a great day for growers and savers to get together and celebrate the sowing season. Don't forget to bring along your spare seeds to swap, and the rest of the family!

Is there a family favourite vegetable that has been grown and saved for many years? Do you know of a variety with links to a local village, town or region? Have you accidentally or intentionally bred a new variety of vegetable? Or do you save seeds from a variety you can no longer buy?

We are especially interested in tomatoes resistant to blight, rocket that is slow to bolt and strong growing winter salads.

Dyfi Valley Seedsavers, based in Machynlleth, are searching for vegetable varieties that have been grown from their own saved seed in Wales. We aim to bring together a collection of Welsh vegetable varieties which are potentially adapted to our growing conditions, to trial them in Powys, record their characteristics and history, and make seeds available to more growers to preserve precious diversity and heritage.

If you think you have something we might be interested in, we would love to hear from you.Please get in touch with us with any information about the vegetables(s) history, growing, taste and appearance characteristics, or contact us for more information.
Claire Rhydwen