Wednesday, January 20, 2010

No you can't use my film in the Superbowl

I have just turned down a US company who wanted to use one of our films during the superbowl.(below)

To launch their campaign to sell vacations during the Superbowl wanted to use our video to show terrible experiences of staying in Hotels.
I would have to give them permission to use, publish, upload, reproduce and otherwise display my video, in any manner or media, including the Internet, anywhere in the world...oh yes and all this for Zero money, yes that is Zero.
They wrote...

Hi Paul,
The purpose of the HomeAway microsite and the contest associated with it is to encourage users to upload videos showing their worst hotel experiences. The only compensation we can offer you is submission into the contest. We are not in a position to pay individuals for their content.
With Regards,

So i replied to them..

Hello Courtney
The purpose of my company is to produce films which can produce funds to pay our staff. If a company such as HomeAway wishes to use our work to promote their own commercial enterprises, then we would need compensation. That is what we call a fair system.

She replied...

Hi Paul,
Our intention was never to be unfair. We were only looking for content on public websites such as Flickr and YoutTube that showcased customers' difficulties with hotels. The videos were only meant to be filler material for our contest encouraging the submission of user-generated content representing the very same theme.
Thank you for listening to our offer and good luck to your company.
With Regards,
Courtney Dickey | Staff Attorney | HomeAway, Inc.
1011 W. Fifth Street, Ste. 300
Austin, TX 78703

As film makers we have to stand up and make sure we are paid for our work.