Saturday, January 23, 2010

Just Do It: How to Get off Your Arse and Change the World

The story of 3 organizations, 2 loose affiliations, and 1 domestic

A year in the life of climate change activists from campaign groups
Climate Rush, Plane Stupid and Climate Camp.
Coal fired power stations, aviation expansion, biofuels, carbon trading;
business as usual cannot continue....
Filmmaker Emily James has been filming for this project since spring and
things are getting busier; ideas are flowing, editing is beginning, finance
applications look promising and help is needed!
We are looking for an assistant editor to help our story editor deal with
the influx of footage. Tasks will include logging and capturing footage,
file management and logistics and basic sequence editing. The role will be
a great opportunity to learn from doing, within a small yet experienced
crew working to produce an original film in an original way. The role will
be voluntary and you will be based from an office space in London, exact
location to be confirmed soon. Ideally you will have your own computer
suitable for editing with final cut pro.

We are furiously putting in funding applications, including one quick turn
around one which we hope will cover immediate short term costs such as
travel for volunteers and rent of a studio/office. We will do our best to
cover what we can to make working on the project viable for volunteers, but
at this stage we can't promise this. We can promise however, the
opportunity to be involved in a truly unique project!