Saturday, January 30, 2010

Climate protesters win historic High Court victory

Activists win against unlawful police stop and search operation in Kingsnorth, Kent -the largest and most expensive such operation in UK history involving 26 police forces.Undercurrents filmed and ran a TV studio during the climate camp.This is one of the reports we did in conjunction with

It was the largest and most expensive policing operation ever used against a single protest (costing £5.3m including substantial funding from the Home Office) involved 26 police forces for 2 weeks. For 7 days in August 2008 those forces, led by Kent Police, carried out a continuous, systematic and unlawful mass stop and search regime against the public.

I have just watched my footage broadcast on Meridian tonight (Misuse of powers 5.19PM on Fri Jan 29 2010).While I appreciate the reporting of the important issue,I have 2 complaints which i have sent ITV reporter Sarah Saunders

1. As i clearly stated in my recent email to them, I filmed those images of Dave Morris and the protesters being searched. I am an accredited NUJ journalist so why was my footage labeled 'Protesters video'?
2. No fee was agreed nor even discussed with me for use of our images
I await their reply

See Channel 4 report

If you were searched under section 1 PACE between 30th July 2008 and 7th August at 9.30 AM, you may have a valid legal claim too. Click here for info

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