Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Bushcraft DVD

So it seems that Winter is well and truly here, so for those of your stuck
indoors this season we have a special DVD offer starting.

We have just 300 copies of the current edition of Series 1 of A-Z
left! Remember every disc bought contributes to the future of
the A-Z series, and the next batch of discs. New Year, new start so we
are having a clearance sale to make way for filming the rest of season 2
and getting it out on DVD.

Series 1 DVD will be just £10 (+p&p) until the stock is gone, so get yours
now, an ideal Christmas present for the bushcrafting man/woman/children in
your life!

A-Z Climbing
In the meantime for the big Andy Price fans out there, he has been out on
the rock faces of Wales filming the A-Z of Rock Climbing. As with the A-Z
Bushcraft we are releasing the episodes online at with
a DVD of Series 1 out at the beginning of next year. If you're an
experienced climber or you just have an interest in the sport, start
learning now & get prepped for the next season of climbing. If you've
never climbed before, please do not rely solely on the information in our
videos before you start, please join an official mountaineering and
climbing club before you try it! The British Mountaineering Council have
a list of approved clubs here.

If you love receiving videos straight to your computer we also have an A-Z
Climbing podcast to which you can subscribe along with a facebook pages &
twitter account which you can follow for updates.

That's all for now folks, have a great winter cwtched up inside (or
outside as some of you may prefer!), don't forget to take advantage of our
DVD sale to keep you entertained until the Spring!