Monday, November 23, 2009

Undercurrents goes into Parliament

Helen receives award from Marta lane Fox- the UKs digital champion and founder of

Undercurrents are off to London on a train heading to the House of Lords to collect our Digital Hero Wales award. Helen of Undercurrents was voted the winner by the
Welsh public after being shortlisted by Martha Lane-Fox, founder of

We will receive an amazing grant of £5,000 to fund our solar cinema project as well as getting free broadband for a year.

The Digital Heroes Awards, in conjunction with Citizens Online, are the only awards of their kind in the UK.They reward 12 individuals, one from each region of the UK, who are doing outstanding work using digital technology to bring about positive social change and improve the lives of people in their local communities.

Martha Lane-Fox said: “Hidden away in charities and local community
groups across the UK are countless unsung digital heroes who recognise
the positive impact the internet can have on everyday people’s lives.

“It is these heroes, who strive to make digital technology more accessible, relevant and fun for the people in their local communities, that the TalkTalk Digital Heroes Awards aim to celebrate and reward and I am delighted to offer my ongoing support of the initiative.”