Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Poppy poster subverter apology

A bizzare bit of reporting here.
I wrote earlier about the person who subverted a poster about the poppy appeal to call for the troops to be brought home and for ex-Prime Minister Tony Blair to be prosecuted.

A Kent newspaper labelled the person a 'vandal' but now has published an amazing letter from the person who did it.

This is just a section of it..
“Personally I don't consider rewording the poster to be an act of vandalism (or 'a bit of fun') and I don't for a moment think that it will have adversely impacted on the fund raising efforts of the poppy appeal.

“Despite the outage from some quarters, I am certain that the sentiments expressed by myself (and other subvertisers) are ones supported by the majority of people in this country - including large numbers of current and ex-service men and women.
“In fact, if recent polls are to be believed, more people would like the troops home now, than ever voted for the government that sent them to war.
“Some people, while agreeing with the message, have suggested that instead of subverting the poppy appeal posters, I should have paid for my own.
“But free speech isn't free and in this Orwellian era of eroding civil liberties and political policing, I wouldn't fancy my chances.

read the full letter here