Monday, November 09, 2009

Free movies and Food

Thursday 12th November 2009 6-11pm
Westbourne Studios, 242 Acklam Road,London W10 5JJ
6pm Doors Open: FREE delicious buffet from Abbevilles restaurant

6.45pm Film: "Last American Freak Show"
(2008) 1 hour 25 minutes
The Last American Freak Show is a documentary about a group of young disabled people
and their non-disabled friends who decide to confront society's views of what the
disabled can and can't do, by using the vehicle of a traditional freak show.

8.10pm Q&A with Richard Butchins, a UK journalist, photographer and filmmaker who
was paralysed by polio as a child.
9.30pm Performer: Richard Moore
Richard Moore was born in Derry, Northern Ireland. Aged just 10, he was blinded by a
rubber bullet fired at point blank range into his face by a British soldier. He was
the subject of a BBC documentary, "Blind Vision" in which he meets the soldier who
blinded him, after which they became friends. Richard will speak at the event about
his extraordinary life.

Followed by a Drum & Bass set by the legendary DJ Void, known for his eclectic mix
of the light and dark ends of the Drum & Bass spectrum.

Thursday 19th November 6-11pm
6pm Doors Open: FREE delicious buffet from Abbevilles restaurant

6.45pm Film: "Unbreakable"
(2000) 1 hour 42 minutes
Unbreakable tells the story of Philadelphia security guard, David Dunn, who slowly
discovers that he is a real life superhero. The film is a study on the dimensions of
comic books; it explores the analogies between the real world and the mythology of

8.30pm Q&A with Ewan Marshal is a writer, theatre director and award-winning BBC
drama producer (Pear-shaped, Every Time You Look At Me), who works predominantly
with disabled actors.

9.30pm Performer: Shaun William
Shaun is a spoken word artist who has been performing for around 4 yrs. He won his
first poetry competition in 2005 at the UK Unsigned show. He is also an accomplished
athlete and won a bronze medal in 2006 in the Rowing World Championships held in
Eton Dorny Lake.

Followed by DJ Richard West playing eclectic beats.

Tickets are FREE
Advance bookings only
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