Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Bid on old Whiskey to send an ambulance to Gaza from Swansea

Bid on Ebay here
This is a wax sealed full ceramic jug of whiskey which was bought more than 20 years ago in Ireland. I can't recall the exact time so it is probably older.

It has remained sealed with wax and an orange lace capped with a cap with the date 1791 stamped on it.

I don't know the volume but the jug Height is 8 inches high
The text is Tullamore Dew and on the other side in Gaelic as Uisge baugh - a blend of rare old Irish Whiskey

The money from this auction will be used to send an ambulance from Swansea to Gaza on December 5 so please give generously.

Bid on Ebay here