Monday, October 19, 2009

Star Suckers- fooling the tabloids

Chris Atkins is releasing his new film-Starsuckers on the 30th October.

he said 'It has just received a massive amount of coverage in the Guardian this week over our selling of fake stories to the Tabloid press, and secretly filming journalists attempting to break the law.

It's made by the same team behind the BAFTA nominated Taking Liberties, and is an entertaining but shocking expose of the celebrity obsessed media.

We have been given some great cinema bookings by City Screen and Curzon,
but as usual we are fighting against the infinite P&A budgets of the
studios for audiences. This also not helped by the fact that most of the
press would be happy if we were all hit by a bus having just revealed their
dodgy dealings to the world. Please come down and be a starsucker on the
opening weekend (30th October) - there are several Q&A's with me (the
director) and other members of the team.

Trailer and cinema listings here: