Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Ray Mears V Bear Grylls

TV survivalist Ray Mears has blasted the “tabloid two brain cell approach” favoured by his rivals and called on producers to usher in a more mature approach to programme making
Mears has criticised his main competitor Bear Grylls before – dismissing him as a “boy scout” – and he said that he has seen no improvement in quality.

In the Telegraph Mears slammed TV
“When I started teaching [these skills] there was no bushcraft in Britain,” says Mears. “Now there is. Of course there are a few people trying to turn it back in to ‘survival’ but bushcraft is much bigger than that. It’s about learning how to live and respect the world around you. I go to great lengths to make sure I tell it as it is. It just shows how important it is to put the truth on television and not the myth. Unfortunately that’s not always what television producers want…”
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If neither Grylls or Mears do it for you, you can always rely upon Andrew Price