Thursday, October 08, 2009

Art not Oil

abandon despair all ye who enter here...

The Art Not Oil Diary 2010 is a beautiful, stirring 365 day full-
colour reminder of the extraordinary art that is being made in the struggle for a safer, more just future, and the crucial role that our creativity will need to
play if we’re to have a chance of reaching that place.

Rarely sighted in the airbrushed outlets of the mainstream media, a
time-honoured tradition of spirited, radical art is finding more than
enough inspiration in a new century not only blighted by oil wars and
climate chaos, but also blessed with reinvigorated movements for social
and ecological justice.

A fair amount of that art has made its way over the last six years into
the many galleries of Art Not Oil (ANO), a project set up in 2004 by
Rising Tide in part to see in the last days of fossil fuel industry
sponsorship of the arts. (Grassroots exhibitions and creative direct
actions make up ANO’s versatile toolbox.)

2010 sees it reach its 7th birthday, and to celebrate, it has produced a
desk diary jammed with resistance-fuelled artwork drawn from its nine
galleries, with flashes of humour, glimpses of darkness and even one or
two upbeat visions of the future. 52 of the strongest pieces
submitted so far have been gathered together in a compellingly-designed spiral-bound
diary that will appeal to artists, would-be artists, activists,
would-be-activists, and anyone who wants a diary that is possessed of
beauty as well as bite.

It also contains a future ‘fantasy timeline’ of some of the necessary
inspirations that might get us to a moment in 2020 when we can celebrate
the end of fossil fuelled arts sponsorship.

The diary was launched on October 3rd at the Arnolfini Gallery in Bristol as part of PLATFORM's 'C Words' (Carbon, Climate, Capital, Culture) series of events:;

Oh, and it can be bought in various bookshops throughout the UK for
£9.95, or online for £7.95+p&p