Saturday, October 31, 2009

Undercurrents wins £5000 grant thanks to your votes

Your Votes helped Undercurrents win a grant in the Digital Hero awards.
In November 2009, Helen from Undercurrents was voted the Digital Hero of Wales.
Now the judging panel will pick one overall winner for the grand prize of £10,000!
Thanks to all who voted!
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Friday, October 30, 2009

Looking for Eric= Ken Loach movie

Excellent film from Ken Loach.
The awkward squad Ken Loach and ex-footballer Eric Cantona looked like a mismatch but this film is superb and well worth seeing.

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Top Drugs advisor sacked for telling the truth

The UK's chief drugs adviser has been sacked by home secretary Alan Johnson after criticising government policies on drugs.Professor David Nutt, head of the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs, criticised the decision to reclassify cannabis to Class B from C.

He accused ministers of devaluing and distorting evidence and said drugs classification was being politicised. We need people like him to stand up and actually state what many of us know- the war on drugs is not working and alcohol is much more dangerous than Ecstasy and Cannabis.

The decision follows the publication of a paper by the Centre for Crime and Justice at King's College London, based on a lecture Nutt delivered in July. He repeated his familiar view that illicit drugs should be classified according to the actual evidence of the harm they cause and pointed out that alcohol and tobacco caused more harm than LSD, ecstasy and cannabis.
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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Funding your film

Cinereach are a really great NYC-based grant-giving organisation and they
accept international submissions. Definitely worth checking out!

Focus is on films that:
Provide insight and spark dialogue
Challenge prejudice and advance human rights
Discover humanity and hope
Foster global community

Cinereach's ethos favors good storytelling over didacticism and complexity
over duality. It supports films that demonstrate creativity, visual
artistry and take a character-based approach.

Grants range from $5,000 $50,000 and are awarded to films at any stage,
including development, production, post-production, audience building and
distribution. There are two letter of inquiry deadlines per year (Summer
and Winter), after which a selection of applicants are invited to submit
full proposals. The Cinereach grants committee meets twice a year to review
the proposals. Each cycle, between five and 15 projects are selected to
receive support.

Independent of our two yearly grant cycles, the Cinereach Award is a
$5,000 prize presented annually to one completed film that exemplifies the
Cinereach mission. Traditionally the winners have been selected in
connection with the Human Rights Watch Film Festival via an internal
nomination process.

Behind the Label: Calpol

The Ecologist magazine has done an investigation into Kids medicine which is very revealing.

Calpol of course doesn't just contain paracetamol. It is a veritable cocktail of sweeteners, flavourings, preservatives and colourants to make the product appealing and palatable to infants. These additives include strawberry 'flavouring' and carmoisine (E122- suspected carcinogen, banned in Austria, Japan, Norway, Sweden and the US) to produce its pink colour.

It also contains, Maltitol (a mild laxative), glycerol (E422 - large quantities can cause headaches, thirst and nausea), sorbitol (E420 - large quantities can cause stomach upset), the paraben preservatives methyl parahydroxybenzoate (E218 - suspected hormone disrupter and allergen), propyl parahydroxybenzoate (E216 - suspected hormone disrupter and allergen), ethyl parahydroxybenzoate (E214 - suspected hormone disrupter, banned in France and Australia), and a thickener xanthan gum (E415 - no known adverse effects).

Being such an interesting E-cocktail, it's not surprising that it can cause allergic reactions (such as skin rashes and hayfever-like symptoms), tiredness, unexpected bleeding or tendency towards bruising as well as headache, nausea.

Using paracetamol to treat fever may also result in your child having a seemingly endless round of colds, since the body's natural fever reaction was not allowed to kill the virus causing the illness leaving your child to be reinfected again and again.

E122 and E218 can lead to hyperactivity, and the Hyperactive Children's Support Group identifies them as likely causes of mysterious and sudden cases of ADHD-like hyper-activity.
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Subverting Blair

Poppy Appeal posters in Kent have been subverted by protesters attacking former prime minister Tony Blair's war record.
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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Government get it wrong again about file sharing

If you like many others like to share your films and music online then keep an ear out for the creepy Peter Mandelson, Business Secretary

People who persistently download illegal content will be cut off from the net, Business Secretary Peter Mandelson has announced.Speaking at a government-sponsored forum he said the UK would introduce a similar policy to France.

It means persistent pirates will be sent two warning letters before facing disconnection from the network.ISP TalkTalk said the plans were "ill-conceived" and said it was prepared to challenge measures "in the courts".

"What is being proposed is wrong in principle and won't work in practice," the firm said.
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Overhauling the BBC- what would you do?

This year at Sheffield Doc/Fest, a very special Question Time session is
giving you the chance to influence government policy.

The Question Time Special will focus on the 10 best recommendations that
the documentary community sent to the festival in response to their
callout. The next step is Doc/Fest delegates at Question Time will vote (using a
super high-tech audience voting system) for the 5 recommendations they want
presented to all the major political parties.

This is our chance to make a difference.
The list below shows the topics up for discussion so have a read and get
your argument ready:

Broadcasters' Statutory Commitments should specify a minimum percentage,
by hours, of independent documentary productions, that must be commissioned
from outside the M25.

Most broadcasters only have a commitment to produce a percentage of
general programming outside of the M25 but not necessarily a specific
percentage of this will be documentary.

The BBC should make self-imposed spending cuts and invest the savings in
an independent production fund that supports indie documentary production
as well as innovative and cross platform indie productions. This fund could
be managed internally in the BBC, externally or used to support existing
independent funding organisations.

Saving could be achieved by:
a) Introducing salary caps
b) Contracting the commissioning of in-house programmes such as Panorama
out to independent production companies

The Government should allow public service documentaries to receive tax
relief on donations by allowing them to be 'lent' charitable status by
umbrella organisations.

Ofcom should allow NGOs and non-profit organisations to fund Public
Information Programming, whether in part or in full.

The UK Film Council and all Regional Screen Agencies should have targets
for documentary production. They should have specific funds ring-fenced for
documentary and dedicated fund manager specialising in nonfiction with a
dedicated budget to invest in documentary productions.

All company mergers or acquisitions in the media industry should be
required to provide a package of industry wide benefits as part of any deal
. This package will have to satisfy specific requirements before legal
approval will be granted. The package could include contribution of a small
percentage of the sale/merger toward an independently managed production
fund, or existing funds.

Levies should be introduced to finance an independent public service and
documentary production fund.

The levies could be on:
a) Recording equipment or blank media. (DVD's etc)
b) Direct Media: Profitable organisations such as Satellite and Cable
c) New Media: Internet Service Providers and mobile phone operators
d) Regulatory Assets

Ofcom should appoint a panel of independent broadcasting professionals to
report annually on the PSB delivery of the BBC, Channel 4 and any
broadcaster with a PSB remit.

There should be a tax credit system for documentaries with non-theatrical
intent but with international sales potential and/or cultural importance.
International documentaries and Co-productions should be eligible.

The BBC should offer reduced archive rates for documentary usage.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Ray Mears V Bear Grylls

TV survivalist Ray Mears has blasted the “tabloid two brain cell approach” favoured by his rivals and called on producers to usher in a more mature approach to programme making
Mears has criticised his main competitor Bear Grylls before – dismissing him as a “boy scout” – and he said that he has seen no improvement in quality.

In the Telegraph Mears slammed TV
“When I started teaching [these skills] there was no bushcraft in Britain,” says Mears. “Now there is. Of course there are a few people trying to turn it back in to ‘survival’ but bushcraft is much bigger than that. It’s about learning how to live and respect the world around you. I go to great lengths to make sure I tell it as it is. It just shows how important it is to put the truth on television and not the myth. Unfortunately that’s not always what television producers want…”
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If neither Grylls or Mears do it for you, you can always rely upon Andrew Price

Digital Heroes- the votes are in

Thanks to everyone who voted for us in the Digital Heroes Awards

Voting has now closed! The votes are being counted and they will announce the 12 regional winners shortly...

The 36 shortlisted entries have received a staggering 25,000 votes from members of the public.Watch this space for the announcement of 12 regional winners, chosen by you. Each will receive an amazing grant of £5,000 to fund their projects, as well as getting free broadband to help them make the most of the internet.

If Undercurrents win in Wales and they have announced the 12 incredible winners, their judging panel are going to step in to choose one overall winner to receive a whopping £10,000! And all winners will be invited to receive their awards at a special ceremony at the Houses of Parliament in November.

Fingers crossed everyone..

Film making course learning for young people

A year long, professional film training and development program for
10 young people (18-23) in London offered by the Video College (funded
as part of First Light’s progression scheme Second Light)

A student film making competition with a prize of £1000:

Domestic extremist is what cops now call a protester

As i have filmed demonstrations for 16 years, I can recognise many of these people in these Police spotter cards as being non- violent environmental activists. One of them, Richard (J) I am setting up a TV channel with, one is Mark (H) a comedian and one is even a spy, Martin (X) who infiltrated arms trade campaigns. Others are activists who have never harmed anyone yet repeatedly have managed to put nature on the agenda. One Emily (A) just wants a good life for her kid.

This kind of highly confidential document – pictured above – is rarely seen by the public.These so-called "spotter cards" are issued by police to identify individuals they consider to be potential troublemakers because they have appeared at a number of demonstrations.

The photographs are drawn from police intelligence files. This card was apparently dropped at a demonstration against Britain's largest arms fair in 2005.

H is Mark Thomas, the comedian and political activist. Asked why it was justifiable to put Thomas, who has no criminal record, on this card, the Metropolitan police replied: "We do not discuss intelligence we may hold in relation to individuals."

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Friday, October 23, 2009

BBC stormed by Anti-Fascists

Protesters demonstrating against the inclusion of BNP leader Nick Griffin on the BBC's Question Time programme have breached security and entered Television Centre. Watch the video here

Referring to BNP leader Nick Griffin and his "Indigenous British people" which are the Celts + Romans + Saxons + Angles + Jutes + Vikings + Normans...which brings us up to the 11th Century. Over the next 1000 years, chuck international commerce, the victims of the slave trade and the imperia...l colonies into the mix, and what do we get? Bloody foreigners, coming over here and being our ancestors. I blame the EU.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Will the Real Chamber of Commerce Please Stand Up?

Brilliant stunt!
US Chamber dude, Eric Wohlschlegel confronts the impersonator from the Yes Men. Which one legitimately represents the right way for American business? Oct. 19, 11:15am, Washington, D.C. Press Club.

Storm in a Tea Cup

I have never drank hot drinks, not from any environment principles, they just never appealed to me. So it was a smile that i read this today-

Putting on the kettle for a cup of tea has long been a British institution, but all our habits were once new behaviours. We probably started boiling water simply because it was the only way to be sure it was safe to drink. Tea (& later coffee) was a habit born out of British colonialisation, & one that was initially affordable only to the upper classes.

No doubt, like those energy hungry & unproductive lawns we now all have, it was seen as a sign of affluence & so ultimately adopted by us all as a result. Indeed we have adopted a great number of energy wasting habits over the years.
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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Film festival - win £2000

There’s little bits of good everywhere. Got a titbit? Know someone who does? Get it into a three minute documentary – and let’s all share the good. If you have surprising stories and anecdotes that you think others should know then this is your chance to get them out to the world.

4docs has teamed up with The Co-operative to offer four selected filmmakers/filmmaking teams a £2,000 prize and for them to get their films profesionally on-line edited, and a chance to get the films screened on primetime Channel 4 as part of the 3Minute Wonder strand. Prizes will be awarded for quality, imagination and diversity, to the most interesting, cutting-edge, challenging and compelling films.

We’re particularly interested in seeing films that address some of The Co-operative’s key campaigns; these include community, combating climate change, tackling global poverty and the truth about young people and the positive contribution they can make in their communities.

We want local news on local TV

United for Local Television (ULTV) has revealed that 80 MPs have signed up to a Commons motion calling for a new local TV network to be created on Freeview.

Back in June, ULTV asked the government to reserve spectrum from the digital switchover for the establishment of a dedicated local TV channel under the Channel 6 brand.
The renewed campaign was partially in response to the lack of coverage for local TV provision in the Digital Britain report, which left existing local broadcasters in a state of flux.
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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Get paid to work for a charity

This could be a chance for you to work with Undercurrents charity.
The Vodaphone Foundation is offering people aged 18 in the UK and over
the opportunity to work for 2 months for the charity of their choice.
If you are successful with your application, the Foundation will pay
the charity you choose to work with £2,500, of which you are paid the
remainder after tax and National Insurance has been deducted.
Charities can also register on the website to be involved.

The application deadline is 3 November 2009.

For more information see the Vodaphone World of Difference website.

Climate Change Art

WHO: Artists and makers from across the UK working in all media
WHAT: submissions sought for selected open exhibition for all UK artists on theme of Climate Change to take place at Rhyl Library Museum Arts Centre.
WHEN : From 27 Feb to 10 April 2010
APPLY: email for an entry form
DEADLINE : 1 December 2009

Dispatches- Police and protest

Watch on Channel4 online
Dispatches has been given exclusive access to the Metropolitan Police to find out what training officers are given. This documentary is mostly police talking about their tactics but it does offer a glimpse into Climate Camp protests so worth wading thru the Police droning on about riots

Monday, October 19, 2009

"Concerted Disorder"

According to the police and Sky News, not only were protesters disorderly, but they did it TOGETHER! A survey of the Climate Swoop news by Tim Gee.

Grow Your Own- movie

I watched this movie last night. While a good film with issues about immigration, racism as well as growing your food- there is a much better story.

The making of the allotments for the movie is great..they turned a rubble strewn plot and turned it into a green thriving space. Watch the making of it on the DVD

Climate Camp Tv featured on Channel 4 evening news - dog bites protester

Great to see Climate Camp Tv getting coverage

Star Suckers- fooling the tabloids

Chris Atkins is releasing his new film-Starsuckers on the 30th October.

he said 'It has just received a massive amount of coverage in the Guardian this week over our selling of fake stories to the Tabloid press, and secretly filming journalists attempting to break the law.

It's made by the same team behind the BAFTA nominated Taking Liberties, and is an entertaining but shocking expose of the celebrity obsessed media.

We have been given some great cinema bookings by City Screen and Curzon,
but as usual we are fighting against the infinite P&A budgets of the
studios for audiences. This also not helped by the fact that most of the
press would be happy if we were all hit by a bus having just revealed their
dodgy dealings to the world. Please come down and be a starsucker on the
opening weekend (30th October) - there are several Q&A's with me (the
director) and other members of the team.

Trailer and cinema listings here:

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Fence cutting - Ratcliffe on Soar

I have never seen this before...Police release video footage from their Helicopter of a protest, just hours of the event.

Films wanted about Energy

AV Festival is an international festival of electronic arts
featuring visual art, music and moving image. A biennial event, the
festival takes place in the urban centres of Newcastle, Gateshead,
Sunderland and Middlesbrough in the North East of England. The next AV
Festival will take place 5-14 March 2010 and will be based around the
theme of Energy. The festival will explore energy as a force through
which all of life is connected, transformed, renewed and destroyed.

This is an open call for moving image and short film works that relate to
the festival theme of energy. The chosen works will be screened to
members of the public on the Live Sites BBC Big Screen in Centre Square
Middlesbrough opposite mima (Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art)
during the festival. The designated screening times will be during
three days of the festival: 5, 10 and 12 March. This project is a
partnership between AV Festival, Middlesbrough Council and the Live
Sites Big Screen team at the BBC.

For more information and to
submit your work visit

If you have any questions please contact: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You
need JavaScript enabled to view it

Deadline: 16th November 2009

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Tube bully caught on camera

Citizen Journalists in action again.
A commuter caught a worker abusing a passenger for getting his arm stuck in the Tube doors. Without this evidence and the person perusing justice, the bully would have gotten away

Friday, October 16, 2009

We Didn't Start the Flame War

Anyone that bothers to read comments on youtube videos will appreciate this music video.

Stormtroopers' 9/11

Where were you when the Death Star fell?


Undercurrents video training

Ready for a Riot

I have just sold footage for a Channel 4 Dispatches investigation into Police and protesting. Tune in on Monday 19 October at 8PM on Channel 4.

The death of Ian Tomlinson during the G20 protests in April 2009 and the images of police batons raining down on protestors have put the spotlight on the tactics police deploy during public demonstrations.

Dispatches has been given exclusive access to the Metropolitan Police to find out what training officers are given.

The programme looks at how the police are taught to judge the level of force required to suppress disorder, and examines controversial crowd control tactics like 'containment', which brings protestors face-to-face with heavily-protected and armed police officers.

Dispatches asks why, if the vast majority of protests pass off peacefully, police training still focuses on the worst-case scenario of riots and petrol bombs, and hears from critics of the current training who argue it is out of step with 21st century protest.

The programme examines the evolution of this training and asks whether the requirements of health and safety legislation have had an adverse effect on policing public order: whether the rules designed to protect the police from harm actually put them at greater risk.And when Climate Camp returned to the capital in summer 2009, Dispatches was there to find out if lessons had been learnt from the events of G20.
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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Camera people and runners wanted for Climate protest

Have you heard about the great climate swoop???

On the 17th & 18th October 2009 hundreds of activists will swoop on the
UK's biggest coal fired power stations, E.ON's Ratcliffe-on-Soar in
Nottingham and shut it down.

It is now just days away, and preparations are being made by the Climate
Camp documenting team to do coverage of the events. And Climate Camp TV
will be publishing everything from videos, to stills, to geotagged messages
from mobile phones.
The plan is in place, we're going to have lots of teams of stills and
video camera people out in the field all dotted about the place, getting
fantastic material, and then be sending tapes and cards back to an edit and
upload point near by, so it gets on-line with in hours.
We need camera operators and runners to help us on our mission to document
this unprecedented direct action.

It's a relatively low arrest risk, but people should be aware that the
police won't take too kindly to hundreds of activists trying to shut down a
power station. We don't anticipate this role to be high risk but it needs
to be a consideration and you do have to be prepared to cope with potential
stop and search situations. We will prep crew on how to deal with this and
brief them on their rights.

Our plan requires a team of tape couriers to run material back... and we
don't have any yet! We desperately need about 8 to 10 people to step up for the vitally important role. We are hoping for people who can bring their own bikes, but we can supply too.

It's a really fun way to get to see a lot of the action, and will be a
crucial part of getting independent media out on the day, so we really hope
that we can inspire you to come work with the documenting team for this
special mission.pease get in touch if you think this might be the right thing for you.

Without camera operators, our plan cannot work, we have some but not
enough! Join us for an exciting day and capture some fantastic footage. As
a camera operator there will be different assignments to choose from.
Perhaps following the march from Nottingham to the gate, or perhaps
following an affinity group's action throughout the day. You will enable us
to report on what is happening and create professional films within hours
direct from the point of action!
We're in search for another 6 camera operators.
Great if you have your own camera, but we also have some capacity to lend.
If you're up for the challenge then get in touch!


Monday, October 12, 2009

A-Z of Climbing video series

Andrew takes to the mountains for a new video series. He co-presents A-Z of rock climbing so tune into the new website very soon.

Films by Women wanted for festival

BROAD HORIZONS in association with WOMENCENTRESTAGE is presenting an evening of
videos by women, at the Dylan Thomas Centre, Swansea, UK on Friday 26 February 2010. If
you are interested in showing your work please contact



Deadline 18 DEC 2009
Send films to

Broad Horizons
old exchange
pier st

Activists occupy Parliament to save the climate

Fifty-five Greenpeace volunteers have scaled the walls of the Houses of Parliament and are now occupying the roof to call for for a new style of politics in Britain, one capable of rising to meet the challenge of climate change.

Friday, October 09, 2009

Violence Makes Good Television

Jon Snow- Channel 4 news presenter being frank about the role of journalists.

Thursday, October 08, 2009

60 second guide to Copenhagen

So we all know by now that the UN climate negotiations in Copenhagen this December
are important, but with the flurry of news reports on the endless prevarication of
the Americans, the please of the less-industrialised world and the resolute demands
of China it can be difficult to maintain perspective.

That's where are new section, 'Copenhagen Counts', comes in. The page pulls together
everything we've written on the website on the matter, and is designed to help you
make sense of the negotiations.

To visit the section, go to:

To get you started, we've drawn together the key facts and figures on the Copenhagen
conference for you to digest in 60 seconds flat.

Art not Oil

abandon despair all ye who enter here...

The Art Not Oil Diary 2010 is a beautiful, stirring 365 day full-
colour reminder of the extraordinary art that is being made in the struggle for a safer, more just future, and the crucial role that our creativity will need to
play if we’re to have a chance of reaching that place.

Rarely sighted in the airbrushed outlets of the mainstream media, a
time-honoured tradition of spirited, radical art is finding more than
enough inspiration in a new century not only blighted by oil wars and
climate chaos, but also blessed with reinvigorated movements for social
and ecological justice.

A fair amount of that art has made its way over the last six years into
the many galleries of Art Not Oil (ANO), a project set up in 2004 by
Rising Tide in part to see in the last days of fossil fuel industry
sponsorship of the arts. (Grassroots exhibitions and creative direct
actions make up ANO’s versatile toolbox.)

2010 sees it reach its 7th birthday, and to celebrate, it has produced a
desk diary jammed with resistance-fuelled artwork drawn from its nine
galleries, with flashes of humour, glimpses of darkness and even one or
two upbeat visions of the future. 52 of the strongest pieces
submitted so far have been gathered together in a compellingly-designed spiral-bound
diary that will appeal to artists, would-be artists, activists,
would-be-activists, and anyone who wants a diary that is possessed of
beauty as well as bite.

It also contains a future ‘fantasy timeline’ of some of the necessary
inspirations that might get us to a moment in 2020 when we can celebrate
the end of fossil fuelled arts sponsorship.

The diary was launched on October 3rd at the Arnolfini Gallery in Bristol as part of PLATFORM's 'C Words' (Carbon, Climate, Capital, Culture) series of events:;

Oh, and it can be bought in various bookshops throughout the UK for
£9.95, or online for £7.95+p&p

Funding in Scotland

People’s Postcode Trust

The People’s Postcode Trust is offering grants of up to £10,000 for
projects (you must be a registered charity to apply for funding over
£2,000). The funding is for individual projects, not for general
running costs, and the project must show visible results three months
after receipt of the grant notification. The next deadline is 16
October 2009. Projects should be working in one of the following

- Preventing poverty, sickness and distress for the benefit of the public
- Promoting, maintaining, improving and advancing health
- Advancing citizenship or community development
- Advancing public participation in sport
- Promoting, improving and advancing human rights, conflict resolution
or reconciliation
- Promoting and advancing environmental protection or improvement.

For more information, see the People’s Postcode Trust website:

Money for young film makers

IdeasTap has grants of up to £1,000 available for young people aged
between 16 - 25 through its Ideas Fund Innovators Fund; the grants are
to help young people realise their creative ideas.

They also have funding available for young people aged 16 - 25 to take
their performing arts productions to the 2010 Edinburgh Festival.
There is up to £20,000 for the first prize winner and up to £10,000
for the second prize winner. The two winning productions will also
receive mentoring and will be given support with production and

The application deadline for both is 11 November 2009.
For further information see the IdeasTap website:

'Drag queen' floors thugs in Swansea, wales, uk street fight

This is Swansea on any weekend
Two men were knocked to the ground by a cage fighter in drag after they picked a fight with his friend, a court has heard.

Dean Jonathan Gardner, 19, and Jason Andrew Fender, 22, were left dazed after picking on the wrong man during a night out in Swansea city centre.

Monday, October 05, 2009


Remi Gaillard is quite famous in France. He's quite famous because he films himself playing pranks on people, and posts them on the internet. His reasons? "C'est en faisant n'importe quoi qu'on devient n'importe qui" - "It's by doing whatever that one becomes whoever".

"Whatever" has recently involved creating a fake Tour de France finish line and lying in wait for unsuspecting Sunday cyclists. The cyclists are suddenly greeted by an enthusiastic mob which covers them with praise, trophies and bottled water (watch the video above to get the full effect). Gaillard has gone to some lengths to make these mobs realistic, recruiting male flashers as a final touch. The video has gone viral, notching up over 0.75m views on YouTube alone.

Training for news reporting

Sat 5th Dec & Sun 6th Dec
London Film School - Central London Fee: £350

Suitable for new filmmakers and beginners, this intensive 2-day workshop
with Insight News TV introduces the tools and techniques essential to
making broadcast quality News features.

Over the course of the weekend participants will learn how to make factual
films using the most basic equipment: a digital camera, a microphone and a
light. By the end of the workshop participants will be armed with the
knowledge, confidence and practical experience required to single-handedly
shoot a well-crafted twelve minute News feature. In addition participants
will have gained an insight into the some of the realities of international

The workshops aims to:
*Provide participants with the necessary skills to single-handedly shoot
their own short films.
*Increase confidence in the technical aspects of cameras, lighting, and
*Give a raw insight into guerrilla style camera work from award winning
professionals with many years of experience of filming in adverse
*Outline the basic requirements necessary to make broadcast quality films.

The workshop will be lead by Emmy and Rory Peck award-winner Ron
McCullagh. During the final session of day two Ron will be joined by Emmy
and Bafta award winning journalist Sorious Samura.

For more info visit email or call
+44(0)20 7836 9642.

Twitterer arrrested for using his tweets for protest

A New York-based anarchist has been arrested by the FBI and charged with hindering prosecution after he allegedly used the social networking site Twitter to help protesters at the G20 summit in Pittsburgh evade the police.

Elliot Madison, 41, from Queens, had his home raided and was put on $30,000 (£19,000) bail after he and Michael Wallschlaeger, 46, were tracked to the Carefree Inn motel in Pittsburgh during the summit on 24 and 25 September.
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Saturday, October 03, 2009