Saturday, September 12, 2009

A report from the media team at Climate Camp TV was a studio set up in the middle of the Climate Camp last month- an activist zone crossed with a festival.

Over 7 days on Camp, we put out 46 shows: 9 action films, 7 short docs made
on camp, 7 workshop inspired template films, and 23 studio shows - including
6 live music programmes!

We had a film up the same day as the swoop (taking of the site), we got at least one film out everyday (Thursday was a close one, but we made it!) and from there followed
a stream of fantastic work, flooding the channel with interesting and provoking narratives not seen elsewhere in any other media coverage of the Camp.

We produced entire shows on-site powered only by solar power, and beamed one show directly from camp via 3G - it took about 3 hours to upload a 2 minute film, and we quickly resolved to send the rest from off-site, but we did do it!

We even had a peddle powered screening of our highlights on the last night
of camp (thank you Bicycology).

We also had a screening of our output at the Ritzy Cinema in Brixton on the 31st, while we were still in production in the field! (thank you Merlyn for making that happen).

We were hooked into a number of websites and blogs who carried our main page feed through out the week. We were syndicated via visionOn's extensive existing syndication connections.

I think that we also showed how fruitful it can be to work closely with the
media team. I'm very glad that we ended up sharing a space with the rest of
the media circus, it allowed us to keep each other informed and to work
together to amplify the message of the camp. This relationship bore fruit
even before camp though, with the very successful *Letter to the Met*, which
Richard made using the media teams letter as a backbone. It got over 26,000 views, and was our most watched piece.

We all worked very hard to make the Climate Camp TV project a success