Sunday, September 06, 2009

I just got an email from Channel 4 BRITDOC that stated
-We are launching a great new initiative - a website called which will introduce the top social action film projects to NGOs, foundations, campaigners, educators and anyone else who has an outlet, use or network for important films about social
issues. The site has been part-funded by the Open Society Institute -
part of the Soros Network.

It is basically a match-making site for filmmakers and the third sector.
The site is now in the process of being really well-populated with great
films (because it is invite only Britdoc assure the quality of the
film). I've just started inviting third sector organistions.

It is really easy to sign up, takes about 5 mins, but you need to put a little fotie of you etc.
Click on Log-in and then sign-up.