Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Climate Protesters glued to floor of bank

Protesters have glued their hands to the floor of the Royal Bank of Scotland headquarters in the City of London.

Twelve Climate Camp protesters dressed as construction workers stuck themselves to the floor while a further eight unfurled banners outside.The activists said they were protesting against the bank's investments in fossil fuel projects.
The group are protesting in particular funding for the coal industry and tar sands extraction in Alberta, Canada.

A further 15 protesters staged a naked demo on the roof of public relations company Edelman in central London. Today at 8:45, Climate activists, some naked, have occupied the roof and window of Edelman PR on 105 Victoria St, the firm behind EON’s glossy green spin on Kings north power station. The world’s largest independent PR company are helping EON in their efforts to rebuild Kingsnorth into the first coal fired power station the UK has seen in 30 years.