Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Alternative media interview for radio podcast

Last week I did an interview with the Outdoors station which can be heard online from today. There is a direct link to the mp3 or play online at http://backpackinglight.co.uk and scroll down to

No 278 – Sleeping Mats and Environmental Protests!
In this podcast a couple of items catch Roman’s ‘lightweight eye’ at the trade show in Germany as Pacific Outdoor Equipment are launching in 2010 some lightweight cycling panniers and a new sleeping mat to rival the very popular NeoAir. I on the other hand meet an interesting guy who produced the A-Z of Bushcraft DVD, not only that, but I hear about his background of many years filming and archiving protests and actions over environmental issues never seen on TV. So much so he’s become a library for main stream media. Fascinating!

(my interview starts at 16mins in)