Monday, August 03, 2009

The Yes Men at a cinema near you!

The Yes Men invite you to
* August 7-13 at the Odeon Panton Street in London
* August 11 in 20 cinemas across the UK

Full screening times and dates are at
Here are a few things you can do:

* Buy advance tickets: go to http://www.theyesmenfixtheworld/screenings.
* Invite ten friends via email. You will receive extremely good luck.
* Let all your Facebook or Bebo friends know, and also your MySpace
* Volunteer to circulate sign-up sheets at screenings (see below)

If we manage to get a full house during all of the opening-week
screenings, we'll get a "real" theatrical release, and the film will be
booked all over the UK. Can you help us get "bums in seats", as they say in
the biz? If you come to a daytime screening, or Monday-Wednesday evening
screening at the Odeon Panton Street London, August 7-13, you'll get a free
"Special Edition" New York Times.

You might also get something else, as this is a great date movie. So far,
audiences LOVE it! Almost every screening at festivals has gotten a
standing ovation. With our past projects, when the audience gets on their
feet we have to worry what is going to come next - strangulation? But this
time around it's been all love - except from ExxonMobil, Dow Chemical, and
Halliburton, who had to be the butt of our cruel jokes:

On August 11, we have the official premiere of the film, presented as a
simulcast at 20 cinemas across the UK. For this event we will be doing a
live Q&A afterwards. The cinemas are all over the place, from Aberdeen to
Brighton. And we need to fill them. If we don't sell them out we are

So why do we want people to go see this movie? In a word, we think it can
motivate people, and add even more juice into a movement that is trying to
save civilization itself, among other modest goals. As our part in this
enterprise, we are hoping to circulate a sign-up sheet at every screening,
and enroll as many people as possible in a database of folks willing to put
their asses on the line for political change.

The movie is so stupidly entertaining and motivating that we think we can
reach lots of people, and then in collaboration with other groups of
like-minded souls we can mobilize ourselves to make big waves before

We also need volunteers around the country who are willing to go to the
cinemas and sign people up. Yikes! That is lots of work, but we want to
know if you can volunteer to do such a thing at theaters in your area.
Okay? Okay!

Mike, Andy, Sarah, and numerous new friends