Sunday, August 30, 2009

Report from Climate Camp 2009

I am just back from Climate Camp in London to organise our cinema at a festival in Wales this weekend. It has been an odd camp, spent mostly trying to organise our technology to run a TV studio powered only by the Sun.

The people on the Media team of the Climate Camp ended up in Daily Mail and Evening standard as 'Key protesters' rather than just the people who bothered to talk to the mainstream media. Even Emily who was working hard to make sure every aspect of the Camp was been filmed for some future film ended up with her face splashed across the papers and labelled as 'Key'.

Emily James, 37, a documentary filmmaker, has been involved in environmental issues for several years. Her film for Climate Camp capturing police assaults at this year's G20 protests got more than 150,000 internet hits and led to her becoming more directly involved in its activities. She said: “A lot of people got involved since G20.”

From California, Ms James studied at the National Film and Television School. At Blackheath she is training others to film the work of the camp for website Climate Camp TV. Ms James, who lives in Hackney, said: “My job is to amplify the message of the camp.”

The police are ... err ... joining in! Much nicer than the la... on Twitpic
Photo shows Emily (top left) filming at a protest at Climate Exchange